Friday, September 20, 2013

Angkor Wat: The Lost City

There's nothing I can truly come up with to explain this place. Pictures won't do it justice, but
you can still scroll through the quick version of what we have below. Depending on who 
you ask, this has been considered one of the "world wonders" is a place you 
don't want to miss and truly a 'wonder.'

Our suggestion: 
1) find your way there and see for yourself what the largest religious monument is all about!
2) use a tour guide to take you to the main highlights as a one-day tour OR
3) use a tour guide for a two-day tour to see more of the temples
4) rent a vehicle of choice and do it on your own
5) check this place out at dusk & dawn!

*Angkor Wat
There is so much history behind this place, it's incredible! Pay close attention to all the
little detail on the walls, pieces missing and pieces intact, and all the beauty
of this massive place. Keep your eyes peeled for all the holes that
may lead you to another place or trails that lead you down a
new path. Take it all in, enjoy every moment!

*An amazing temple made of a special red rock/sand

*Ta Prohm
Tomb Raider was filmed here

Once Hindu ruling, you can see various parts of the temple with Hindu 
influence as well as Buddhist influence that occurred later in history

Get lost in the lost city. Enjoy this world wonder!

♡The SE Asia Travelers
aka The Stanleys!