Monday, September 23, 2013

Cashew Cream

You're probably thinking, why cashew cream. I know, seems random but trust me on this...
it is way too easy to make and can be used on a thousand paleo recipes. Ok fine, 
maybe not a thousand but a lot. And I'm on the verge of buying a lot of 
cashews and testing out some dessert recipes with it. If any of my 
ideas work, trust'll hear about them.
Lucky you!

Cashew Cream
approx. 1/2-3/4lb cashews

*Place cashews in a medium bowl. Pour enough water into your bowl
to cover 2 inches above the cashews. Let it sit 3+ hours, but
preferably overnight. The drain & rinse cashews.

*Place the cashews into your food processor and blend until the
consistency becomes thick & creamy. Every so often, I'd
suggest scraping the sides down and continue to cream.

*Once you have your cashew cream made, it can be utilized in a variety
of ways. Stay tuned for a paleo artichoke dip recipe link that
you can use it in or find your own recipe that suites
your fancy! It will serve your time &
tastebuds well!

♥The Stanleys