Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Do Good When Traveling: Non Profit Ideas

Going from country to country, Ty and I tried eating all all the non profit restaurants that provide 
jobs and services for many people. We also purchased several gifts to support the NGOs. 
The individuals receiving aid in one way or another were women who were taken off the streets 
to avoid the sex trafficking while others may have been orphaned children left to fend for 
themselves out on the streets. If you plan on traveling, try to find these places to support the 
cause or search online while you're here in the US for ways to donate to them!

*Daughters of Cambodia
you can buy their handmade crafts such as this necklace or eat at one of 
their bakeries or coffee shops in Cambodia!

*Epic Arts Cafe
this cafe provides jobs for blind, deaf, and disabled individuals. They have some
tasty pastries, but no gluten free options while we were there.

*Circus in Cambodia
if there's a circus in Cambodia, go to it. This is raw strength and talent. This NGO
takes people off the street and trains them for the circus as well as provides
them with an education and money to send home to their families.

most phenomonal food you'll ever eat in Luang Prabang. Original Laotian
food with some twists. They too provide training and jobs for kids on
the streets. How cool! Don't miss the opportunity to go here for a
full course meal...it was the one and only time we really splurge on a meal!

this is a restaurant and almost as good as the one in Luang Prabang. They
also have a store with unique crafts. Again, more kids off the streets because of
this non profit!

Have a happy Tuesday!