Friday, September 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!

Yesterday morning we woke up to quite the surprise...Ty's car had been broken into and several
things were stolen out of it! Yes, Ty learned his lesson to not keep so much stuff in his car
but nonetheless the idiots broke the passenger window. We spent yesterday getting it
fixed (thanks for that lovely rock you left in the car for us a-hole, just what we had hoped for).
Funny thing is that last night our neighbors found majority of the stuff in their back alley!
Just a bump in the road and now we're back in business. But the real reason for this post...

This week we celebrate my dad! He has added another year to the previous years, yet it seems like 
he keeps getting younger. What a lucky guy he is. I'm not sure how that works, but I hope it 
happens to me when I'm his age. And can I just say I have a pretty bad ass dad? I went to 
my parents the other night and he looked as hip as can be in his new Nike gear and 
sweet kicks, he's rockin it at CrossFit with my mom, and his gym even named a 
WOD after him. "The Cos" WOD (see below). 

So in lieu of his 55th, I plan on tackling this Cos WOD today to celebrate not just another 
birthday of his but for having an amazing dad all together. Thanks for all you've done in my 
life, the examples you've set, and the man of God you continue to be. You have done 
an amazing job raising two kids, providing for our family, mentoring middle and
high schoolers, and have been an excellent coach over the years.

"The Cos"
10 double unders
10 back squats #135/95
10 GI Jane
10 box jumps
10 push ups
5 clean & jerks #135/95
Then run 400m with a one handed farmer's carry

Happy Birthday Week Dad! We Love You!

♡Cori Lou & Ty