Saturday, September 7, 2013

Oh Happy Day!

Today is the day my best friend of 20+ years gets married. So many years that I can't even 
add them at the moment! We've gone through school together, played nearly all sports together,
went to college together, trained for a marathon together, work together, and have shared 
everything else all in between together. Crazy, right?

There's lots to say about who Kari is and the friend she is to each one of us, but this gal has
 always dropped everything for all her friends and family to be there for them, put everybody 
before herself, and managed to plan a wedding while taking care of her grandma on her 
days off of work. There's never a second thought behind any of it. She puts all her 
effort into everything she does and is the most kind, genuine person anybody 
has ever met. Wouldn't you all agree with me?

But today is a very special day for her. She gets to marry Russ after like 6 years of being 
together! And once this bride walks down the aisle to become man and wife, 
she will be one of the best wives anybody could ever be blessed with. 

So Russ, cherish her, love her, and make sure she knows how amazing she is

Happy wedding day you two!

♥The Stanleys