Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Asian American Thirst Quencher

Two days ago I had 2 unfortunate incidents, maybe three if you even want to count the last one.
Many of you had to hear about it the day of, but for those of you who haven't...
 I had good intentions of two things though: a little exercise and getting out to enjoy 
a little of this nice weather we've been having. Instead I got a lot of both. 
This is what happened.

*I road my bike all the way to Fred Meyer's only to realize I didn't have my 
bike lock with me. I biked back home to get it. Then...

*I biked back to Fred Meyer's, locked up my bike, shopped, then went back
to unlock my bike...and the lock wouldn't unlock! No joke. My bike was locked to the bike
 pole and I was standing in the heat, sweating for no reason, and looking like I was trying to
 steal a bike that I clearly couldn't figure out the code to. It was awesome. No, I'm lying
especially when I realized I was stuck there...

*And nobody was off work yet so I was fortunate to sit in front of Fred Meyers for another 
hour until Ty was done with practice to pick me up. So much for having dinner
ready and some errands run. That got ruined when I got over zealous with the whole
bike ride-sunny day event!

By the end of it all I was so dehydrated. Not quite as much as when I was sick and dehydrated 
in SE Asia, but nonetheless that's where this drink's name comes from. I rehydrated with it 
in SE Asia when I felt ill and I rehydrated with it when I got home after my eventful 
biking incident. It's the easiest thing you'll ever do, just like everything else on 
here! But this time I'm not kidding whatsoever. Give it a whirl on one these 
next few scorching hot days!

2 C ice
1.5-2 lemons, squeezed for the juice
splash of water
2 tbsp honey or 2 tbsp palm sugar
lavender sprig (optional)

Place all ingredients into your best blender and blend until the ice is as smooth as you'll
get it. You can serve it with a lavender sprig to spice up the flavor or leave it
as is for it's thirst quenching ability. As a disclaimer, if you use the honey it may clump up
when it chills to the ice. However, I enjoyed those random bites of sweetness amongst
the lemon kick every so often. So do what you wish when adding the sweetener.

Here to help you through another hot one,
♥The Stanleys