Monday, September 16, 2013


We all have them. Holiday traditions, that is. But how about a back-to-school tradition?
Ty's been back to school for about 2 weeks now and we thought we'd share what we started
as our new tradition in the Stanley household!

Our new tradition: Go out to a specialty ice cream parlor after the first day back to school!
Don't hesitate, just splurge on something like, let's say...a giant ice cream sundae.

Let's be honest though...
I got it to-go which is weird to get ice cream to go in a box. Like really weird. 
Not sure why I did it, but in the future we'll go and stay at the ice cream parlor.

What's neat right now is that it's just the two of us that can chat about Ty's new classes, the 
upcoming year, and the beginning of the 8th grade football season. But someday, and not soon, 
we can add kids to this tradition. For those of you giving us some grief lately about having'll have to continue to wait!

But for the rest of you...
rather than celebrating the last day of summer or the day before going back to school, think of a 
fun idea your kids would like to do after the first day of school. Not only will it be a fun activity 
for the whole family to do something together, but it will open those communication doors 
between parents and kids (the older they get, the harder this will become so I hear). 
How about some ice cream, maybe a bike ride, or one of their favorite activities?
Give it some thought and give it a try!

♥The Stanleys