Saturday, September 28, 2013

Yurting & Paleo Meal Ideas While In The Woods!

Is that even the right term? I figured if I were going to camp, we'd be going camping.
It only made sense that if we were staying in a yurt, that we'd be going "yurting."
It doesn't make a difference for anybody really, but that's what we'll be doing in this 
storm. Hopefully it doesn't take us out while we're there. 

Ty only packed ALL of our indoor and outdoor games in preparation for all weather 
conditions. He also took up all of the room in the big bag we intended on sharing. I think 
he got confused that we aren't going to be gone for a month...just overnight.
I love him for both those things. He's always prepared for any circumstance, I know that much!

Anyway...I thought I'd share ideas for paleo meals while out in the woods!

1) chia seed pudding
2) sweet potato, mushroom, onion, and spinach (optional) scramble
3) bananas and apples
4) the McCarty bullet proof coffee 
(add 1 scoop grass fed butter-optional, 1 scoop coconut oil, 1 scoop honey, 
1 scoop cocoa powder, & cinnamon if you're interested)

1) almond flour bagels (your choice on fillers)
2) brats
3) sweet potato chips
4) watermelon and pineapple chunks

1) salmon burgers topped with cashew curry cream sauce
2) fresh garden salad with dressing of choice
3) Sparrow's lime cilantro cauliflower rice
4) fruit, optional

1) paleo graham crackers, duh! 
with paleo marshmallows and super dark chocolate

1) mixed nuts 
2) dried fruit
3) sweet potato chips
4) larabars
5) spinach artichoke dip

1) jug o' water
2) coffee or tea
3) hard cider...
preferably Angry Orchard & only because it's that good
(and only if you want to stray slightly away from your paleo ways)

I know I'm a bit late on this whole paleo camping meal idea considering summer is over and 
very few people are out camping at this point. But who says we can't get away to go yurting with 
some of our favorites in the middle of a storm?! Just remember this post the next time
you take off for the will help you with some quick, paleo meal planning.

Enjoy this stormy weekend everybody!

♥The Stanleys