Friday, October 4, 2013

Hashtag Fall

For those of you who hadn't noticed, it's fall. If you hadn't notice the weather change or all 
the Facebook updates lately, I suggest checking them out. You can't miss either or, really. 
I was suppose to post this the first day of October and only because I reserve the start of 
fall for October. Not to be confused with September and trust me it's possible (we have 
a neighbor who's been ready for fall since Sept 1st!). I just got a little behind and
clearly forgot to post it.

Don't get me wrong, I love fall just as much as the rest of you but one of these days sit back and 
listen to women talk about fall. You'd think we just discovered it over the last few years. We all 
sound a bit silly. Seriously, sit back and listen to us. We're almost as bad as girls planning 
weddings ("rustic chic", "wedding fairy tale", "vintage chic", and so on). I, once, planned 
a wedding. And I, once, sounded just like that. Sorry for those who had to listen on a 
daily basis (Ty especially)!

All you men out there have to sit and listen to us talk about how we love fall (as if we are the only 
ones in love with it), how we can't wait for our next pumpkin spice latte (as though it's a drug 
craving), the next fall DIY project for the house that Pinterest so kindly provided us with (that 
we've now made your project), the obsession of pumpkins, and of course, certain recipes (as 
though we couldn't buy canned pumpkin all year 'round).

Don't worry, I've been watching it all pop up all over, cliche statements, and 
the famous hashtag words. When you start to pay attention to everybody and their statements, 
it gets quite funny. At one point, you'll realize we all love fall. No joke in that statement, but 
I'm glad we all make it loud and clear. We all get pumpkin spice lattes and we know exactly 
what the Starbucks cup and drink look like. The photo of your cup isn't necessary. And 
many of us cook, bake, and decorate for fall. Share your fall knowledge, we all do truly love 
that part to the fall madness. Here is what you have all been saying and please, read it in 
an annoying voice. It's funnier that way. And while you're at it, search "#fall" in 
instagram. You'd be surprised how many weird selfy photos are on there that 
do not resemble fall.

#fallintofitness (fitness isn't a seasonal thing, just an FYI)

Fall has arrived!  (duh!)
Hello October :-)
Can't wait for pumpkins!
Getting ready for Halloween!
Love lighting candles this time of year!
Everything pumpkin...LOVE IT!
The leaves are falling!
I love trees, boots, flannels, & scarves AND it's that time my friends!

If you were any one of those hashtaggers, take no offense. I love fall, I love pumpkin spice
lattes, leaves changing colors, pumpkins, and my husbands Halloween birthday is my favorite! I
just had to make light of it all. I intend on taking photos of our street, the big old maple on the
side of the house, and a leaf each week to see the "fall" changes. How cliche, right? Here's week 1.

We still have lots of green around here...Bring on the colors, fall!

(because Ty truly had nothing to do with this post)