Saturday, October 5, 2013

Siem Reap, Cambodia

It's hard to believe we even went to SE Asia and not only that, but looking through these 
photos seem like forever ago!

*Scope out the streets, the people, and the way of life here in Siem Reap

*Take a river boat tour to see those who live on the river
(normally the river is quite high and the homes are floating, but at the time
we were there things had dried up leaving the homes way above land)

how cute are these kids?! They were "racing"

*Eat at a random Western restaurant
We ate primarily at places with traditional food, but after 4 weeks we
decided to splurge at Viva, somewhat of a Mexican restaurant. It worked,
especially since I was just getting over being sick. Otherwise, Blue
Pumpkin has decent desserts and fresh juices and smoothies &
the Indian food is quite good as well!

*Try out traditional restaurants
Sugar Palm is one...It's a spiced up version of Cambodian food with great flavor!
Street food is always another choice.
BBQ frog is a hot item and finding a cashew nut shake is well worth the hunt!

*As always, take a tuk-tuk 
They are different in each country, but very catchy in Siem Reap!

*Find this guy!
He makes these specialty fried rice patties with herbs in the middle, topped
with a homemade sauce. He prepares them at home, then come to the
market in the evening to fry them on his wood-fire wok.
Don't miss the chance in trying one out!

*Bat Watch
Head to the park near the royal palace and check these massive
bats out. They don't even compare to the ones we have here at home!

*Check out Pub Street
You'll find food, cheap goods, interesting people and services, and for fun
try on the variety of clothing options they have available!

*Go to the Phare Cambodia Circus
this circus is a nonprofit which help get kids and adults off the streets.
They teach them dance, acrobatics, art, and theater all while educating them as well. 
They make some money from their performances which is used for not only 
themselves, but to send extra money back home to help their families.
All the performers have amazing talent and every story line is different 
with each show!

There ya have it. Well until next week. We'll check out the rest of
Cambodia and all the monks we came across over the next
few weeks. Then we're done. Crazy!

♥The Stanleys