Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Special Thanks To Two Special People

I left two people out of the blog yesterday on purpose. Not because they didn't play a role in the 
Cosby Clan, but because they each had a huge duty that the Cosby Clan couldn't have done 
without. One of these individuals played a big role on the last two nights of Papa Joe's life and 
the other stood by my side, let me cry after holding it in all day, and never thought twice about 
letting me go each night to be at my Papa Joe's side. I felt that these two special people in 
my life deserved a blog post specifically devoted to them for reasons I'll explain below.

Papa Baehm
So Papa Baehm, I start with you. And for those of you who don't know PB, he's my mom's dad. 
I'm not sure who started calling him Papa Baehm since it's his last name, but it has always stuck. 
He's a super hip, active guy who will jump right on anything he's asked to do. He never questions 
and he is always happy to help anybody who asks. So when the time came last week, we had 
no doubt in our minds who we needed to call to help Papa Joe through the night. You all can 
probably guess or at least I hope so...Papa Baehm came to our rescue! He not only stayed the 
first night, but he stayed for the next half of the day and then returned for a second night. 

That second night was the one that took Papa Joe from us all so suddenly, but as the Cosby Clan 
looks back at the situation over and over, all we can think is...we are so happy that Papa 
Baehm was with him for not just the support, but because Papa Joe knew that when his 
death was coming upon him, Papa Baehm could handle it. Papa Baehm, I think that says a 
lot about you, your ability to handle a sudden death, your relationship with Papa Joe, and then 
to have one of the hardest things I think anybody would ever have to do: call your son-in-law 
and break the news of the loss of his dad & someone we all have loved so dearly. Some may 
say it was just the timing of his death, but we have no doubt that Papa Joe knew who 
would be the best by his side at that time and who would have the ability to 
make such a hard phone call. He chose you.

I say this for not just myself, but for the rest of the Cosby family...we are so happy and very 
thankful that you were there as he passed and we are so glad we were able to receive a 
personal phone call to hear the news rather than hearing it from someone who didn't know 
Papa Joe. We can't thank you enough for spending that time with him on his last two days.

My Ty
Mr. Tyler Stanley...where to start, where to end. And how I've gotten through this blog so far 
without a tear, I'm not sure. But for all you reading this, you would just be amazed at what both 
these men did for myself, Papa Joe, and the rest of the family. Ty not only had to hear me 
talk medical terms for hours, try racking my brain for answers, figure out what's best for Papa Joe, 
what's not, the ups and down to the medical care, and so on...but he also had to hold me while 
I'd be in tears every night I was home. Somehow I managed to get through the days (well, most) without a tear, but Ty got the buckets full at night. He listened, loved, and took care of 
EVERYTHING so I did not have a single thing to do at home. I didn't have much of an appetite 
the first 1-2 weeks, but Ty still packed breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for the days I'd work 
and then the nights and half the days I'd be with Papa Joe. I never had to worry about going 
hungry and Ty knows especially to not let me reach that really hungry stage anyway!

Beyond the holding, the listening, and doing everything else, that wonderful guy of mine never questioned, was never selfish, and was always supportive of me being away from our home 
and our bed night after night to be with Papa Joe. There's nothing better to have than an 
amazing husband and someone who will stand by you through it all! I'm blessed to have found 
that guy and for all those who have found him or her, don't ever let them get away. For times 
like these, they will be your backbone, always love unconditionally, and be 
strong when you need it most.

The night my dad called me to tell me Papa Joe died, Ty said he could hear it in my voice.
I was a bit stunned for a minute as it caught me off guard, we had hung up, and because Ty 
knew, he was right there to catch me as I went to the ground. The body weakness, the chills,
and the tears for a short while all became a wave that settled and suddenly, 
I felt at peace. Ty never let go.
Ty, I thank you for holding me every night and especially on that particular night, listening,
preparing me night after night to stay at the hospital, and standing strong for me.
That is why I love you EVERY DAY!

To All The Others
I know I just said I was devoting this to just two special people, but I figured I should make
a general thank you to all those who listened to me and got to hear all about Papa Joe's life.
It's amazing the support that comes out during these times and we could not be more blessed to
have wonderful people in our lives that truly care. To the Stanley/Sparrow family, my Grandma Baehm, all our friends at Crossfit Epiphany (especially those who kept close eye on me for those 
three weeks and continue to do so...Cindy & Eric, the McCarty's, & J&A!), my close coworkers, 
and my best friends Kari & Meg, you have treated me all too well! I kid you not, I'm not sure 
what I would've done without any of you during this time. I thank and love every one 
of you for every ounce you gave!

Here's to Papa Joe, Papa Baehm & Ty who filled big shoes during this time, and 
all the others who loved and cared for Papa Joe & the Cosby Clan!
We hope to see some of you on Saturday to continue celebrating 
his life and all the love he spread to others.

♡Cori Lou