Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Vancouver Hot Spots: Torque Coffee

Need a spacious, off the beaten path, industrial-like feel for a coffee shop?
It's a great space to work in as Torque Coffee has large sized tables,
pillows for some added comfort if needed, and a large open space to have 
your coffee and read! Not only that, but it's right near the path that takes you along the 
Columbia River. How convenient right? If you're not into sitting and having your coffee, 
then grab it to go and head for a lovely morning walk along the water!

Torque makes their own chocolate, vanilla, and chai!
How cool is that?

They also get their coffee from Malawi as free trade coffee, which also
provides 20% premium for women farmers in Malawi and
supports a coop that helps 3,500 families. We like those
sort of things. Support your local coffee shops who also support
those in need from countries abroad!

Thanks for a great cup of joe and a lovely walk to the coffee shop, Torque!

♥The Stanleys