Thursday, October 31, 2013

Welcome To 28 Years Of Livin' & Learnin'

How cool is a Halloween birthday? I'm beginning to think it has to be one of the top birthdays. 
People dress up for your birthday, you can eat a bowl full of candy, give some to kids yelling trick 
or treat, and have themed course meals with friends. Today we celebrate another year for Ty as 
this wonderful man turns the big 2-8! Yes, I say that for every birthday. It's always "the big ___". 
It doesn't matter the age. I'm pretty sure I need a new saying.

Cheers to this guy who tends to look half gone before he even starts!

How This Guy Celebrated
We spent last weekend in Sunriver with the Stanley/Sparrow crew celebrating the birthday
boy doing stuff like taking naps, jogging and biking the path, and having power walking 
races at the ball field. It was great. Check it out below. Then we had a nice dinner on Tuesday
night with my family plus Grandma at a tasty Hawaiian restaurant in downtown Vancouver.
And guess what...he gets to celebrate all day today too! What a lucky guy he is.

Beautiful Sunriver, great for all seasons...
especially when you want to have power walking races
or end up being the big kid no young kid wants on the playground.
"Uncle Ty, you're too big for that"

On the "HBD Ty" agenda...
*a morning with his wife (best part about the day, right?) over
homemade paleo maple scones and eggs

*a favorite meal and dessert requested by the birthday boy himself (paleo sweet pulled pork sliders 
with a non-paleo ice cream-brownie sandwich with peanut butter cup ice cream in the middle)

*passing out regular sized candy bars to all the neighborhood kids...yes, regular size.
We're about to be that house on the block this year!

*having our fun little neighbor family over for a mini hangout

*and seeing some adorable visitors...the big, bad wolf and red riding hood...aka Casey & Evy

I'm looking forward to many more Halloweeny birthdays and 
celebrating your old age year after year!

Happy Birthday love!