Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Fail

I had these grand intentions on posting the weekly changes in our neighborhood...ya know, the 
kind where each week there seems to be fewer and fewer leaves on the trees and a ton on 
the ground? Ya, that kind. Well it went out the door when I stopped blogging for those three 
weeks. My, how time flies! Here were are in November and you guys get to see the changes 
week after week all at once!

And since we're still on this whole intentions thing...the last week was going to be the best picture 
of them all. I was so excited about all the leaves that piled so high in the streets, on the grass, down 
the could barely see any part to the ground! Well last Friday morning when I 
decided I was going to take my last 'hoo-rah' fall photo...the yard guys had beat me to it! The 
first thing they started working on were, of course, the leaves. Do you know how badly I 
wanted to tell them to blow them all back where they were??

So anyway, the last photo is more like a photo fail to end what I had started. It will have to do 
because that's all I've got and I'm sure as heck not waiting around for another few 
weeks just for one photo. So here are our lovely streets, sidewalks, yard, and
leaves as fall has progressed in the last 4 weeks!

There you have it. In case you didn't pay attention to how it happened in real life, you can thank
me for snapping these weekly photos so you can see the progression of fall ;-)

Happy November!

♥The Stanleys