Thursday, November 14, 2013

Guilty Pleasures

I guess it's just a single "guilty pleasure." Technically just the chocolate covered almonds don't 
qualify as paleo. But who says you can't splurge during times of stress, celebrations, or a 'just 
because?' I've had every excuse recently to eat both of these...and a lot of them. 
Like seriously, A LOT of these.

So my Thursday confession:
I ate nearly the whole plastic container of the almonds and half a bag of plantain chips....all before 
I pulled into our driveway. It was well worth the trip to Trader Joe's and it was worth every bite 
I ate. No guilt whatsoever. You should try it some day...neither snack would disappoint.

Trader Joe's may just be the greatest store of all time for all sorts of snacks. In fact, I'm pretty 
sure that's all I end up buying there. Such a bad habit. Have I told you about their
pumpkin macaroons? Don't get me started or else I may have to do another trip there tomorrow
to indulge in my other guilty pleasure. Yikes.

Hope you all are enjoying a guilty pleasure tonight as we all should in here and there!

♥The Stanleys