Friday, November 15, 2013

Kampot, Cambodia & A Quick Stop In Kep, Cambodia

Heading south to Kampot!
A must see for those traveling through this beautiful country,
especially if you like more of the dirt road/rural scene.

be sure you DO NOT get on the "local" bus to Kampot...
or else you will get the 8 hour dirt road detour!

Such beauty in this country!

Time to explore the towns of Kampot & Kep:
hitch a ride with a local driver who knows all the back roads
to some rural areas and secret caves!

There was a big rain storm that came in...clearly, it flooded the dirt
streets. Of course, it all turned to mud...

Our kid friendly tour of a cave with animal shapes from the rock formation...

The kids said we had to "kiss kiss" for a picture.
Apparently it was something all the other tourists must've done
before we got to this place!

The cow (above) and mama elephant (below, on the cave's wall)
and the baby elephant (bottom photo, left hand side at the bottom)

The trek to and from...a bridge made of two half logs!

The rural rice fields and the workers:

The process of getting rice...
our nice friends took a minute of their time to show us
how it's done!

First, take the rice from above...

then time after time you smack it against a large piece of 
wood or hard surface shown below...

keep hauling the fresh cut rice plant from the fields
to the man in charge of loosening all the rice out of their

you can even get the kids to help...

time for transporting the rice...

Be sure to hit up one of the Kampot pepper farms!
Kampot is known for its pepper, especially since it cannot
be exported out of the country. If you want to try some, come on
over to our place and we'll give you a nice spicy taste of it!

You can spend a full day wandering on foot or by bike
through the streets of Kampot. Check out the non-profit cafes, 
our favorite spot Kampoccino where they do everything
gluten free and even some paleo, & scope out the way of life
for the people in Kampot.

Who would've such a random place like Kampot,
we'd get all these goodies?!

A quick taste of Kep, Cambodia...

Where we spent our last few days relaxing and enjoying
big storms from our bungalow. A quick getaway
before heading back to the big city and eventually, home.

A little on the picture overload. Couldn't help myself! I feel
like I haven't peeked at all these guys in way too long,
so now you all have to suffer through them.
Better that than me writing way too much I suppose!

Such a neat place to spend the last few nights in Cambodia...
couldn't have done it any better Mr. Stanley!

♡The Stanleys