Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lunch Date WIth My G-Ma

After all the spotlight I've given Papa Joe, I figured Grandma Nu deserved a little something
as well! I mean, she was involved in majority of his life, right?
Look at this lovely lady...doesn't she look great!

This wonderful woman has been one of the strongest people I've seen walk down
the path of losing someone after 61+ years. I'm not sure I'd be able to walk
myself out the front door if I had to or even want to get out of bed! Yet, she's found
the time and energy to go out to lunch or dinner every day with family or friends,
play bridge frequently, attend church groups, hold a PEO meeting at her home,
and is looking into starting up a water aerobics class at the community center with me. In 
fact, she claims she's going to get fat from all this eating out! I say better to be fat than sitting 
alone, right? I guess staying busy and active must be the key, but as she has told me...
nights aren't always easy. And who can blame her? Can any of you imagine not having 
your other half next to you in bed or in the other room as they always 
had been for 61+ years?

If you ask her, she will tell you she thinks she's doing "pretty well." And I'd absolutely agree.
One thing stands out to me...she and I talk every other night and see each other once a
week lately. When I ask her those personal questions about this time of her life,
she once said that I'd like to ask God 'why, why did you take him from me.' And then
she said, 'but I don't.' 'And I don't because I realized He blessed me with 61+ years
with Papa Joe.' 
To look at it in that way is so much better than the 'why?' Her faith keeps her so strong
and I like to think she keeps the rest of us strong.

What an amazing Grandma, Mom, and wife she is...
Papa Joe would be proud of you, grandma!

Our little weekly date was a great idea of Grandma Nu's...
check out Monticello's antiques and then have lunch and coffee at Monti's Cafe. 
And can I just say this antique store is massive! Like you can spend hours in here. Hours!
Trust me, it's a must see antique store! As for the food...to die for. 
The curry chicken salad could be one of my favorites and Grandma said the croissant 
turkey cranberry sandwich was wonderful. Can't go wrong in the food or 
antique departments here!

Thanks for a great date, Grand Nu! Lots of love to you!