Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mac Girls & Their Supporters

Ty has been blessed with the patience and ability to teach middle school kids. A job not many
want. He's also been blessed with the ability to coach, not just boys but girls as well. Neither of
them are jobs I'd particularly enjoy. So I'm thankful he is one that can do it. If you're one of
those middle school teachers and coaches, I also thank you for doing that. I'll stick to nursing
if you all can stick to the awkward middle schoolers!

On that note, Ty's girls basketball team has come out and proven themselves from the get go! Boy
have we been impressed with them! Tonight they struggled a little more than previous games,
but they attempted to withstand girls twice the size of them and all of which have some
sort of club level experience.

We wanted to thank all those who came out last night to support Ty and the Mac 8th grade
girls team. For those of you not pictured (Mike & Kathy), know that we knew you
were there cheering the girls on!

If you care to join the Mac cheer squad like these grand folks, let me know.
You can be on the list of those invited the next go around!