Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving In Westport, WA

Many of you probably have no idea where Westport, WA is...but let me promise you that it is a 
cute little town you all need to visit! Aside from the beautiful views that surround the land, the beach, and the quaint beach town feel, our family has a great little restaurant (called The Blue Buoy) 
you need to stop in and check out! 

I got more obsessed with the town and its vibe that I ended up with way too many pictures of us 
in the scenery and skimped out on photos with all the family. Silly me! I will apologize ahead 
of time that you'll be over us by the end of this post. My bad. I'll at least show you a few of 
Westport before I give you the overload of Ty, me, Curt, Steve, Staci, & Ty and me.

At the end of the walkway, there's a great lookout tower...climb to the top and you've got one 
of the most amazing views on a clear day! Then have a photog hay day on the rocks because
as you can tell, we clearly did so ourselves.

Half Moon Bay

One quiet marina on Thanksgiving night...nothing but the ripples from the sea lions.
Goodnight Westport!

And then there comes the overload of the Cosby/Stanley/Savage crew.


Are you guys a band or something? This could be your album cover.

Please note the crashing wave behind us in the picture below...Steve you timed that out just right.
Credit to you and your skills.

And yes, this is also the same photo of us but please forget we're in the picture below
because I am trying to highlight the sunset. Definitely not highlighting us.
And PS-is that a bird in the photo? Steve, you did it again. 
Going and impressing us with your timing.

Ty posing while I'm attempting to do a pistol on the rocks in heels...or what
appears to look like taking a dump on the rocks. I'm promise that's not what I was doing.

And then to sum us up...

Best Dad in the world!
(No bias either)

Good ol Samantha dog above and the crazies below (Kira & Carter)

The Blue Buoy is where Pat and Gary have poured lots of time and energy into, but credit is due to 
all of their kids as well. The kids continue to help keep this place running on a day to day basis. If 
you ever happen to be in the area, you just may get lucky and get the chance to try out a piece of Jordyn's cheesecake...better than any cheesecake I've ever had in my life. That says something 
because I use to be queen of cheesecake and I sure know my cheesecakes!

Such neat pieces of decor to give it the real beach and marina feel! 

The whole competitive family trying to win a game of left, right, center...

And if you can get any more lucky, you may get to meet Erika, Emily, and Liam.
They are all the sweetest, most adorable kids you'll ever meet!

Thank you Pedersen and Snider families for having us up for Thanksgiving. What a treat
it was to do something so unique and much different than our norm of having a
turkey day at home! You have done an amazing job with The Blue Buoy
and we cannot wait to do it again!

♥The Stanleys, The Cosbys, The Savages, & The Hunters♥