Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Gift Of Food

Who doesn't like food? And what better to not have to cook a meal, right?
That's why you make huge batches of food...some to freeze and some to give away. Throw in a 
few "extres" as Grandma Nu calls them, and you've got a food gift basket to hand over to those 
who are in need, those who just had a little tot, or those you just want to share your tasty
food with! So go ahead, have a baby...we just may whip up a little something for ya!

Check out what we packed up and sent across the street to the new parents!

The Almost Paleo Care Package!

1) Crater Lake Root Beer (only non-paleo item)
2) Paleo sweet potato chili
3) Paleo sweet bread
4) Paleo chocolate cake with a kick
5) Coconut whip and sliced strawberries to put on the cake
6) "Extres": 2 homemade napkins with a fleur de lis on them & 2 fun straws
7) A homemade card (I never claimed to be a good artist)

Our neighbors just welcomed a darling little girl to this world last week. I forget how tiny those 
things are and all those cute faces they make! You never know if it's just because or if they're about 
to poo on you. I love them! Now we've got a 3 year old, a couple 1 1/2 year olds, and this little 
babe to get our hands on. It's awesome...lots of kid and baby time without all the stuff that 
comes with them ;-) 

Anyway, congrats to B&R in bringing another little life to this world.
May parenting be easy, may your home be full of love, and 
of course, wonderful memories be made!

♡The Stanleys