Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Kiddos & A Kid Friendly Day

I may just be one lucky Auntie...I love these kiddos! It's been a while since we've had a full date 
day, but we sure made up for it. Treats after breakfast, the Water Resource Center, & a visit to 
Bumpa at work to bring him a special treat the kids picked out. I was more ready for a nap 
than they were I think by the time we were all done with the date. 

And can I just say how much they are growing?! They're beginning to make me feel like an old 
hag. Soon enough I will be one and they will be getting older as well. I wish that didn't 
happen so quickly!

For all those with kiddos, this is an idea for a solid 3 hour morning/afternoon date.

*Try out Sugar & Salt in downtown Vancouver. 
They have breakfast, lunch, coffee and dessert. You can't go wrong or well, at least we haven't yet!

This is what happens when they turn 3...they realize when you say smile, they can do
whatever they want! Evy wasn't having the camera this morning.

*Hit up the Water Resource Center.
it's like a mini version of OMSI, close to home, and FREE! With free, that means it's really not
even as close to an OMSI or any of those sorts. But hey...the kids enjoy it!

Nothing like some new toys, live fish and frogs, learning about water resources, and getting
some exercise on the stationary bike to mimic energy. It's a great game and those kids
never tire out!

Determination on the bike...Casey's face tells all!
 Our sweet peach...isn't she just the cutest?!
Yes I know her jacket is still on inside the building, but I never took mine off because
it was still so cold. I figured if I was cold, then she would be so I left hers on!

If you're around Sugar & Salt, you just may run into Reese Witherspoon who happened to be
filming a movie while we were wandering down the streets today. The kids didn't care
too much, but I was semi interested...probably because her name is one of the very few that
I even recognize. I sure don't know too many names with faces to attach them to., but she is one
of them. Kinda cool for the Couve!

Have a wonderful Saturday!

♥The Stanleys