Friday, November 1, 2013

To Understand Death As A Child

As adults, we all shed our tears, have our emotional moments, crack a smile here and there, and 
mourn our loss when that someone special dies. I had a few wake up from a 3-year-old
and many innocent letters from 8 and 9 year olds. What a better way to think about death than 
how these children do. How do we get back to those precious ages and think like them again?

When my Aunt came up last week, she shared letters her students wrote to the Cosby Family. 
Here are several letters we all thought to be so cute, yet so hilarious at the same time. 
These are word for word, so note the sentences and spelling...tell me they aren't
just the cutest things!

*Written like a hallmark card...
(front) Thank happy thoughts. Feel loved. Be happy. Live in peace.
Dear Cosby family, Sorry for you loss. I sure Pappa Joe was a great man. It is good 
that he died. You do not want him to line in missory.
God is great God is nice.
Sincerely, M.

*To Cosby Family,
I am so sorry for your loss of Papa Joe. I will try to go to his funirul. 
He is in a better place now.
Love, R.

*Dear Cosby Family,
I heard the news about Papa Joe. I am sorry about your loss. I will pray for
you every night. I hope a door opend and has led him to heaven safely.
And I pray that Papa Joe loves It in heaven.
Love, E.

*Dear: Cosby Famly
I heard the news about Papa Joe that he died. I feal bad for your famly.
And thank you for saving us fiting of the Germans.
Love, A.

*Dear Mrs. McCoy,
I'm sorry what happend to you. I hope your papa is happy in heaven.
Love, D.
PS he will always be in your heart

*Dear Cosby Family,
I hear the news aboat papa goe. I am sorry about your loss. I now Mrs. McCoy
is sad. I hop papa goe has a pefsel (peaceful) life in heavean.
Sincerely, R.

*Dear Cosby family,
I heard the news about Pape Joe. I am sorry about your loss. I mean it.
Love, Z.

*Dear Mrs, McCoy,
I heard that Papa Joe was gone last night. I'm sorry that he died. My grandma
and grandma died too. I'm sorry for me and you and anybody else.
You are a really good teacher. PS on the back there is a picture.
Love, L.

*(from a student my Aunt started to call Tigger)
Dear Cosby family,
I am vere sory. Me, Thomas I am part of the family. I may not be at the
funeral but I love him. I believe in him. Hope you do to.
From Thomes Tigger S.
PS-real name not Tigger

Then we have the three-year-old's idea of death, which is possibly the one
that we all need to consider using more often...
*When Papa Joe got sick and I was upset on the phone talking to Allison,
Casey asked her what was wrong with Aunt Cori. Allison told him that Aunt
Cori's Papa Joe was sick and some day he will go to heaven. In response,
Casey said...HOORAY FOR JESUS!

Maybe we ought to start thinking about how joyous the end of life can be. My belief
is that these kids have nailed it on their idea of losing somebody. And if that
idea doesn't work for you, then at least appreciate the humor we can get
out of these letters from them!

Today we have a private partial military burial for Papa Joe, so lots of thoughts
and prayers today for the family as we lay him to rest. And don't
forget...tomorrow at 3pm at Rivercrest Community Church.
Come celebrate Papa Joe's life...see you there!

♥The Stanleys