Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Vancouver Hot Spot: The Source

Let me just say that this was a great idea. It was a great idea until I got on the wall to climb
and half way up I realized how weak I've truly gotten over the months...and then I had to
climb back down. Awful. And sad at the same time.
I thought my forearms were going to explode! That's when you realize that
you've just paid all this money to rock climb and boulder, but majority of it is going to be spent
resting between climbs. Awesome. We managed through a few hours, which was plenty
of time to spend at one of Vancouver's hot spots!

Unlike the rest of the "hot spots", this is not food or some restaurant in Vancouver. This is the 
place you go after you've eaten at one of those restaurants. This hot spot is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver and it likes to be called "The Source."

 It's great for many reasons...

*kid friendly (there's a separate kids climbing area)

*you can spend as much or as little time there (for us, usually 1.5-2 hours is perfect...
but if you're a true climber you can last much longer than us!)

*the people are great...both employees and climbers

*they have several auto-belays if you want to go solo

*it's a great workout

*and it's a great place for a date

Have I convinced any of you to check this place out yet? It's worth the drive if you're
down in Portland and of course, in any area of Vancouver. Bring friends,
bring a date, or bring you kiddos for a couple of hours. It's not a huge time commitment,
you'll test your strength (or maybe your weaknesses), and you'll have one heck of a time!

Check it out over the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays to keep you and your
kids active amidst this chilly weather that we'd otherwise be sitting on our behinds doing 
absolutely nothing (disclaimer: it's ok to do absolutely nothing, but just not all the time).

Have fun!

♥The Stanleys