Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Confessions & A Simple Holiday Craft

Confession #1:
Last night I ate what I was suppose to put in my person's stocking for Christmas. I ATE my
person's stocking stuffer gift. WTF. In fact, I sent Ty to the store just hours before to get the little goodies I planned on putting in there. Then, after we had dinner I saw those tasty things on the table. I hovered around the kitchen trying to avoid what my mind was telling me to do. Hovered more. Then I talked myself into just doing it. No self control. None. Couldn't even make them last more than a day.

Confession #2:
When I was younger and in trouble, like the kind of trouble you get sent to your room, I use to get
out my radio (yes, my radio) with a 1 disc CD player and blast "just one of those days" by Monica. Nothing like pouty me, an empty room, and a great jam to fit the mood. How suiting. 
And can I just remind you of the words, just for a second...

'just one of them days'...'don't take it personal'...'I just wanna be all alone'...
'just wanna take some time out to think things through'

What a classic!
I don't think that back then I put two and two together that she was having a bad 'boy' day. Whereas,
in my young days I really thought I was connected with her when I had a bad day/when I got
sent to my room. I must've thought she got sent to her room too. Real cool. No need to tell me twice.

DIY Easy Holiday Ornaments
3 blocks polymer clay (makes 6ish small ornaments)
heart or star cookie cutter
thick needle or pencil
thin jute
glitter (optional)
or glitter acrylic paint (optional)

1) gather your supplies. Knead your clay into a ball until nice, warm, and easy to work with.
Use your roller to roll out your clay until desired thickness

2) use your cookie cutters to cut out your shapes.

3) continue to roll in a ball, roll out with your 
roller, and cut until there is no longer enough clay to use.

4) design your ornaments!
a) write words on them & leave them plain
b) bake them, then paint with whichever color paint you decided on
c) empty glitter into a bowl, dip your shapes in and make sure to cover completly

5) preheat your oven 275 degrees and bake for 15 minutes per 1/4in of the ornaments

6) let cool on baking sheet

7) cut pieces of jute and tie to ornaments

8) hang your homemade ornaments on your tree!

As easy as boom, boom, boom. You're done!

Easiest, least expensive, and fun craft for you and/or kids. Use it for ornaments,
make a cute mini garland for the mantle, or place on a wrapped gift to give away.
Have at it!

♡The Stanleys