Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gift Idea #1: Yubo Lunchbox

I know I just shared a million gift ideas for young teens up to adults, all focused within the 
Vancouver area. I realize that many of you weren't planning on driving to Vancouver and that's 
fine. But for those of you who need some extra gift ideas this month, we'll help you out a bit.

Rather than going for the local small business, why not help out small 
businesses continue to grow? 

The story behind this gift is that Ty loves watching Shark Tank on the iPad. We may not have 
a TV, but he can sure get reruns on Shark Tank as he wishes! So this gift comes from his 
late nights of ST. I suppose it benefits us in one way or is the

Anyway, for those of you with kids, grandkids, or nephews & nieces this lunchbox is great! 
My two favorite things about it are that they:

1) can be completely disassembled and completely washed. Yes, completely.

2) can grow with the child. 
The faceplates can change, so start with a kiddy one and 
move up as they age to a customized faceplate.

I kinda want one. And not secretly anymore since I just shared it with you all.

Best thing is that right now they have 25% your total purchase until December 2nd. 
Enter green13 and boom, you've got yourself a deal, a present, and if you buy 
an extra faceplate then a stocking stuffer as well! 
A three-in-one!

♥The Stanleys