Monday, December 2, 2013

Gift Idea #2: Krochet Kids

I'm obsessed. I was obsessed when I got my Krochet Kids beanie years ago from my
mom and then I realized I was way more obsessed than I had thought. First you'll love
certain items for yourself, then you'll look at the children's crocheted items & you'll die.
Nothing like mini human beanies, booties, and scarves! Anything that is a mini
size is always that much better. If you have a baby, please buy something from these 
guys and post a photo of your child so I can oooo and ahhhh over your babe.
That's all I need. Thanks.

(click on the photo below to take you to their website)

What's super cool is that this company has a faith base and a mission to provide jobs, education, 
and strong community in Northern Uganda and Peru. Why not buy a gift that goes 
further than you'd expect?