Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gift Idea #3: Tandem Bike

Craigslist. Hunt and search, hunt and search, and then buy one. It will be the best gift ever and 
worth every penny. I take that back. It will be worth the pennies if you actually use it. So just make 
sure you don't let it sit in your garage with all the other things you think you'll use, but never do.
Chris & Courtney, lots of credit to you for introducing us to our two-wheeled, double-seated
mode of transportation that everybody gets a kick out of!

I'm pretty sure the Cosby, Stanley, & Sparrow clans have all gotten some ride time
on this thing. Get yourself one!

Why not invest in some light exercise with a family member or friend, a way to work on communicating with your significant other, or use it as on-your-own counseling session (hash
out those problems because you sure as hell have to communicate while on that bike). 
It serves as a multi-purpose bike.

Again, another gift that is more like a 5-in-1!