Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gift Idea #4: A Gift Of Life

There's nothing like getting a gift you've been dying to have, right? That Michael Kors purse, 
that playstation video game, or that new system for your car...all things that are things. 
Sometimes the best gift to someone isn't a 'thing'. Sometimes the best gift can be giving to 
someone's life, helping to let them keep living.

I've been trying to post gift ideas that benefit others or benefit our health, but this gift idea goes 
much further than that. This gift WILL give a gift of LIFE to someone you may not know 
and may never know. But who says you need to the the person and who says you
can't just do it anonymously?

Michael Hogan is married to someone I once played soccer with. He is a man who loves the 
outdoors and works hard day to day in his job. However, since he was diagnosed with an 
auto-immune disease that attacks his kidneys, life has changed. He's had to miss work and of 
course, missed out on all those outdoor activities he loves. He was recently blessed with a match...
a friend who has decided to give Michael one of his kidneys! The surgery is scheduled for next 
week, but they are in need of some donations to get them started on this long, expensive journey.

I challenge each and every one of you reading this today to donate a minimum $25.00 to Michael Hogan for his kidney transplant. Or go beyond and donate $50.00 for the kidney transplant and all 
the recovery needs thereafter. Rather than spending that $25 or $50 on your next new 'personal item' 
of choice...give to someone who needs the money to begin living again.
You can donate by visiting the DONATION PAGE.

Bethany & Michael: 
we pray that the surgery is with ease, the recovery is quick and as painless as possible, and 
that Michael can get back to all those outdoor activities he's been waiting for!