Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gift Idea #5: Man Gift

We think this is a great idea not just for Christmas, but for a birthday as well.
So use it now or give it as a gift later. We don't care.

Our theme for gift giving this year is giving a gift of experience rather than 'things.' So when it came
to Ty's birthday, I decided to get something a little different than the norm. A gift card to this
trendy barber shop called Modern Man. So when you give the gift of a sweet hair cut, a
straight razor shave, and a glass of whiskey or a brew...also treat the receiver of the gift (and
yourself) to an afternoon checking out the shops and cafes or food carts on or near Alberta.
It's a win-win situation for the both of you!

Check out Modern Man and what you get for your money...

1) a unique barber shop in a hot part of Portland

2) a full saloon-like barber shop downstairs with some hip/trendy barbers

3) a glass of whiskey or a beer for each person who gets their 
hair cut and a straight razor shave...

4) access to more drinks and food while you wait, while you get all primped, 
or after you're all done!

And the best for last...
5) a selfie of your husband when it's all said and done! 
Here he is after getting all done up by his dude at Modern Man...

It's ok to laugh, we got a great laugh out of it ourselves. 
You are sure one hunk of a husband, Ty!

Merry Christmas or HBD to whoever receives this gift in the upcoming year!
It's not only worth the spa treatment, but the experience in & of itself.