Monday, December 23, 2013

Mmmm...A Little Bit of Chocolate Heaven

Who said paleo desserts couldn't be decadent? You were wrong if you weren't a believer. You will 
also be in awe when you flip through this book. The photos are fabulous. I could've eaten the 
pages. Seriously. But then I realized how awful it would be going down, so I just trusted 
that it would've tasted good too. Desserts you wouldn't have thought possible in a 
paleo version...well, it was made possible. This gal proved me wrong. 
I applaud her, and will continue to after over and over. 
Props to you Kelly B.

Now it's time to order your own copy and indulge in chocolate for breakfast, lunch, 
and/or dinner. Because you can. And PS-don't forget to invite a friend to
indulge in a piece of heaven.

Thanks M&K for a wonderful Christmas evening & gifts!