Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Travels: A Quick Stop In Phnom Penh

If you're sitting at your desk, wishing you were someplace else...scroll through these photos and pretend you're there for a minute. If you're freezing right now, take yourself to Cambodia via 
these photos. I promise, it will warm you up for a minute. But only a minute because you'll 
soon remember how cold it really is out there. And for the rest of you just curious, enjoy 
peeking through these photos to get a glimpse of our travel!

We stopped in Phnom Penh twice, both as just an overnight or two. It was essentially
our main city we used for traveling in and out of. We figured each time we stopped there,
why not enjoy the luxuries. We stayed in some decent guesthouses, enjoyed some
slightly more expensive restaurants (mainly NGOs), and typically took the lazy route of
hitching rides with tuk tuk drivers or random motos off the side of the road.

Here ya have it!

The day I got ill (yes, ill again), I couldn't get myself out of bed. I shoved Ty
out of the guesthouse so he could go enjoy the city. And this is what he found...
Dairy Queen. For most of us, it doesn't surprise us a bit now does it?

Ahhh, the bearded man! I almost forget about him until I came across this photo.
6 weeks of no shaving...not even a trim!

CrossFit in an alley way. The monks used this lifting device
to exercise with and all those that were around us at this time absolutely
loved our mini WOD performance!

These children were sent out to sell various items rather than going
to school. Never did we buy from them as it continues to encourage the
kids to stay on the streets rather than go to school. Instead, we spent our time with
them...running with them, showing them how to lift the barbell with cement weights,
and Ty let them cling to his arms as he spun them around and around to make
them dizzy. They just loved it!

Our tuk tuk friend!

There was lots of political activity going on at the capitol. Something neat
to see and be a part of while we were traveling. However, also a scary thing
after seeing some of the stuff on the news. Above, the guys were watching from afar
where a huge crowd gathered as somebody spoke.

Even this guy (below) came to join the crowd...

Guess who went to a 3-D movie in Cambodia?
That's right, we did. We paid 6 dollars for two tickets, popcorn, and two drinks.
Never will that happen again in our lives.

Off we go. Thanks for the night stays Phnom Penh! We enjoyed
using those overnights as a time to splurge in a big city. We are so glad we 
spent our time in the rural areas...the city life just wasn't for us.

See ya another time Cambodia!

♡The Stanleys