Sunday, December 8, 2013

My CrossFittin' Mama!

My mom does CrossFit. Believe it. She was also in a competition yesterday. What do you know 
about that? Can't say there are a ton of moms in their 50s out there doing this. There needs to 
be though. But seriously. How cool to have a mom you can go watch compete, grandparents that
can watch their daughter at her age, and a sister-in-law and niece to support her as well. She had 
quite the crowd cheering her on! She rocked it, enough said.

Not only is she a bad a**, but she is amazing. No bias, seriously. She's an amazing mom, 
amazing wife, great sister, aunt, friend, employee, you name it. She can run errands like 
nobody's business. My mom can get things done as soon as you ask her. No joke, even if it's a 
big project she will most likely stay up late and have it done for you by the morning. She's one of 
those get-it-done type of gal. And she will treat every person she knows as though it was one of 
her own. She gives, she loves, and she lives. We love her!

Did I mention that she is a beauty too? My dad found himself quite the babe. And he would 
absolutely agree with that statement. There are times we go out and people ask if we're sisters. It 
was something I use to get annoyed with because I just thought they were all creepin' on her 
at restaurants or stores, but now I realize that she has never looked her age...and those guys 
will always be creepy. Great thing about that is that I'm pretty sure I've got her genes and I 
just may never look my age. I can hang with that.

(apparently nobody could find the camera...every one of them are looking in a different direction!)

Good job Mama! We are so proud of you and amazed with how far you've come in only a 
short amount of time in this CrossFit journey. Lots of hard work and great coaches!

♡Cori Lou & Ty