Sunday, December 29, 2013


Secretly I am slightly a weirdo, which is not a secret anymore. Who organizes their scrubs by the types of tops that go with certain colored pants, number one. And two, who rotates their scrubs from bottom to top after they've been laundered. People with OCD do. In fact, it's the one and only time Ty gets slightly irritated with me because I have to have him reach up in the closet to put them in an orderly fashion. If it's not done right, I make him fix it. Gah, I wish I wasn't so weird in that way. Thank goodness it's only one of the two things that are annoying about me! Otherwise, I'm pretty perfect. Kidding. Totally kidding.

So here's what we've got from left to right...
*undershirts organized by color.
*scrub pants.
*bottom half are plain colored scrub tops.
*top half are mix colors/pattern tops that go with random colored scrub pants.
*bottom half are tops that go with brown pants.
*top half are for those that go with black scrub pants.

*ALL are rotated where the ones near the bottom are the recently washed/worn whereas the top is where I pull from when I get dressed for work.

I do it partly because it's one of those OCD things and partly because they never get worn frequently enough to look worn. I'm extending their scrub life and decreasing the need to buy more scrubs. Slightly over the top, but mostly worth it in my brain! So dumb at the same time.

Here's to all those weirdos out there that have a few issues like these. I love all of you for them
and would love to hear your "unique" obsession!

(& disliked by Ty)