Monday, December 16, 2013

The Monks Of Cambodia

Their amazing, such a wonder, and very fascinating.

As a woman, the monks are not suppose to make eye contact with us.
For Ty, per his usual plus having a translator at one point, made friends with these guys.
It opened the gates to allow me to be around the conversations. So interesting to ask them about 
their lives...some come to this as choice, some pushed into it after someone dies in the family,
or as a better option than being an orphan. They may stay weeks, months, years, or devote
a lifetime to being a monk. It will always be a wonder for me and I love that about
these young boys and men. Keep me wondering...

Take a peek into rural living monks and the monks in the big city!

We got to meet one 'nun' or the female version of a male monk. The temple she belonged to 
took us in for the afternoon to sit and watch the giving of money for the buddha that was 
to be placed in their temple. Very few knew English, but all were very interested in
us and excited to share the news of a new Buddha coming to the temple.
So neat to meet some of the kindest people who open up their lives and share these
sorts of things with us. And all because we happened to stumble upon this area
of the city right before flying out!

We highly suggest looking into monks, the Buddhist lifestyle of all countries,
and the lives these people live. Pretty amazing!