Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Build. Your. Own. Box.

We'll make this short and sweet because I never seem to be able to do anything that way. Plus
you're probably tired of hearing me rant every other day. So here it is. A 20" x 24" x 30" box
to do your box jumps for your at home WODs!

1 sheet 3/4" plywood
Wood glue
Nails or wood screws
Hammer or drill

Go to Home Depot and get your piece of plywood. Have the lumber man cut 2 pieces into 
20"x30", 2 pieces into 22.5"x30", and 2 more pieces into 18.5"x22.5". Make sure your lumber 
man cuts them exact and can be an issue when you're piecing the box together later. 
Save your scrap wood. 

When you get home, piece the box together. That means you have to be smart and figure out 
which side lines up with which side, making sure not to make a lopsided box. Don't fail
me here! Glue piece by piece, stopping to nail or drill the side before moving onto the next.
Use the scrap pieces of wood to reinforce a few of the edges/corners. 

*If you don't want to roll your box to move it, make your own handles by using a 
circular drill bit and cut holes into the opposite sides of the box. Then boom, you're done!

Jack, thanks for the measurements and making our mini CF home gym
come to life. I will no longer have to use the couch as my box!
Somehow using the couch didn't seem to work well anyway.

25 lunges
20 squats
15 box jumps
10 burpees
5 jump tucks

Good luck to you all!
♥The Stanleys

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bomb In Your Mouth Donuts + Some Nonsense

Ya know what really stresses me out?

*People who make weird/awful noises while working out
*I can handle the grunts of people working hard here and there, but the ones who are breathing
so heavily I can hear them across the room or making noises that sound as though they
may either die or come close to it...they stress me out. I swear it even affects my ability to
workout. It makes me feel like I may have a mini panic attack for them.
You're not dying people. And if you are, shout a holler.

*Getting gas 
Sad to say, in both Oregon and Washington. I get really flustered. I will accidentally
take off my seatbelt instead of popping open the gas tank when in Oregon. I always forget
where my gas tank is in the midst of getting nervous that I sometimes pull up on the wrong side.
And in Washington I can't seem to figure out how to leave the gas pump going on it's own. I end
up standing in the freezing cold manually pumping my gas.
It's a lose-lose situation for me.

*Huge 'car' shopping carts
The kind kids ride in at the grocery store...I get it, it's fun for the kids but they take up
the ENTIRE aisle and they could knock me out coming around the corner. It hasn't happened
yet, but if it ever does I'm not sure what I'll do. And if I see you and your kids using one, I
may give you the stink eye. Sorry ahead of time.

*To-do lists.
Love and hate these. They causes stress, but I love that I get stuff done when I make them.
Most of the things on my list are garbage things that don't really need to get done in one day.
And the ones that are important...well let's just say I do those last. They say if you put it off til
last minute, it will get done in a minute. That doesn't come without a little stress though! It's
way more fun to do things you actually want to do verse the ones you have to do.
Like baking verse taxes. That's a no brainer. Agreed?

*What Stresses Ty out:
Showing up late for athletic events, even for their warm ups. I'm never on time and he's
always on time. When we go to Linfield games, he wants to get there early for warm ups.
I love to take my time and make it seem like I'm going to cause us to
be late for warm makes him squirm.
Not funny for him, I know. Funny for me.
I promise I'm a good wife otherwise.

*And elevators
His exact words...I'll take 250 flights of stairs before taking those parking garage elevators!

What's funny is I feel like I live off stress, the self-inflicted kind.
I've got that love-hate for it. Really dumb, you don't have to tell me.

So what do we all like to do when we're stressed...we eat of course. I mean why not make
ourselves feel even worse by stuffing our faces. If you're going to do so, make it totally worth it.
Instead of eating 1 of 2 or 3. Just don't complain or stress about it afterwards.
I don't want to hear it and I'm sure nobody else does.

*If you don't have a donut pan, Walmart has them for 8.97...those good ol' "rollback prices".
It was the cheapest I found around, but be sure the Walmart store you're going to actually has them before you go!

Chocolate Banana Donuts

Makes 9-10 donuts (depending on if you eat some batter...guilty!)

6-7 dates
3 bananas
1/8 C raw honey
3 eggs
1/4 C coconut flour
2 tbsp coconut oil, melted
1-2 tsp vanilla extract (I tend to just dump some in)
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/8 tsp salt
1/2 C Enjoy Life choco chips or dark chocolate chips, melted
1-2 tsp ground coffee (to your liking)
Dash of sea salt to the tops of each BAD (bomb as* donut)

Preheat oven 350 degrees. Get your food processor out and throw in the dates, bananas,
and honey. Blend until smooth. Then add in the eggs, flour, oil, vanilla, cinnamon, baking
soda and powder, and salt. Blend again. Place batter into your donut pan (they don't rise so
fill them as thick as you want them to be). Bake for 23-25 minutes. Let cool (I wasn't patient,
I just went for one plain and then dipped the rest of it in the chocolate). Melt your chocolate, add
the ground coffee, and mix together. Dip your donut into the choco/coffee mix. Dash that salt on
there if you want it or leave it off. I don't care. Then devour!

I made this while listening to We Will Rock You. Got me pumped to...
eat more donuts, then go to Crossfit. It was a great idea, NOT.

♥ Ty & Cor

PS-we're not stressed right now, just wanted an excuse to eat 3 of these tonight.

(Recipe altered slightly from paleomg)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Paleo Menu: Putting That Costco List To Use

Another Stanley Paleo BLD

I thoroughly enjoy posting these posts for you all, especially knowing that we've gotten a lot
of messages to continue to post this "paleo stuff." If only I could post it and you guys could
cook it for us. How can we make that happen every now and again?

This week we'll show you how to use up some of the items on the "Costco list." Remember all
that meat we buy at the beginning of the month that gets us through to the end? Or how about
all the fruit? It's time to see how we put it to use! All are basic, made up in our minds at that
given moment, and super easy! Nothing mind blowing by any means. Each dinner makes
enough for lunch the next day for BOTH of you. Slave over dinner once and you've got
the next day covered. Bonus, right?
Have at it!

Breakfast For 2
Homemade Juice-Smoothie Blend With A Big Side of Protein

(This is just the plain juice, what you'll mix with your fruit for the smoothie)

3 beets
1 Carrot
8 apples (the apples you bought in the pack at costco)
2 cups frozen fruit (the kind you bought from costco)

4 eggs (pack at Costco)
3 pieces precooked bacon, chopped into pieces (Costco pack)
(we cook up our bacon at the beginning of the week)

Take your 8 apples, 3 beets, and carrot and place them in your juicer to make juice. Place into the
fridge overnight. Get up just early enough to make a quick smoothie the next day...blend 2 cups of the frozen fruit with about 1/4 cup of your homemade juice you made the night before. Then scramble
your eggs in a pan to cook. While the eggs are cooking, break your bacon into pieces and add
to your eggs. Serve with your smoothie and you're set!

You can use the leftover juice for a cup of juice at any time or savor it with
each smoothie in the mornings throughout the week!

Pork Stew for LDLD

1 pork roast (from the 4 pack from Costco)
1 red bell pepper, cut into strips
1 yellow onion, thinly sliced (you can get the big bag from Costco)
8 celery sticks, chopped
2 cups carrots, chopped into medium sized coins
3 sweet potatoes, cubed (Costco)
1 container mushrooms, already sliced (we forgot them at the store, so we didn't have them)
1-14oz can diced tomatoes
4-5 cups beef broth
1/3 tsp dried thyme
1/3 tsp dried rosemary
1/3 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp oil (coconut or olive do just fine)
salt and pepper to taste

Place your dutch oven or large pot onto med-high heat, place your oil of choice into pan. Place the pork roast into pan and let brown on all sides (I forgot I was cooking it when I was on the phone so it got cooked a little big deal if it happens). Once that is complete, add all your veggies. Let cook for 5-8 minutes, stirring to give all veggies some time on the bottom of the pot. Then place your beef broth, diced tomatoes, and spices into the dutch oven/pot. Cover and let simmer for about 1 hour, then check your meat. As long as your meat is cooked thoroughly, you're good to go! If not, throw some extra time into that roast.

Serving suggestion: take the pork roast out and cut into slices or cubes. Then place
back into your stew. You can serve this with cauliflower mash or
paleo bread (I'll post the bread recipe another day).

*This pork stew recipe made up enough for lunch one day, then dinner, then lunch another day, and dinner again! We actually have about one more bowl left in the dish but Ty has had enough!

Ty's All-Time Favorite Salmon + 2 Sides

4 salmon filets (costco pack, yet again)
slap ya mama seasoning (best. stuff. ever.)
2 aspargus bundles
grapeseed oil
lemon juice
dash of sea salt
pineapple, fresh & sliced into spears (Costco)
li hing mui spice, optional

Prep your oven to broil. Sprinkle enough SYM seasoning onto the salmon, enough to coat the top sufficiently. Cook until done (Ty says, "I think I do it for 10-15 minutes").  In the meantime,
steam the aspargus. Mix together a tbsp or two of grapeseed oil with a couple splashes of
lemon juice. Once aspargus is cooked, sprinkle your oil and lemon juice mixture
onto them. Then sprinkle your dash of salt onto the aspargus. Cut up your pineapple
spears, sprinkle a little of the li hing mui spice on the spears if you wish, and then place
into the fridge until your dinner is ready. Serve all together.

This will make enough for your dinner one night and lunch for the next day!
To mix it up a bit, serve it in a salad instead.

This is what we call the E-Z-P-Z BLD with leftovers for LD (lunch and dinner). We'll have
to post more of these so you newbies can get on your paleo feet!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Ideas, Gifts, & Everything Else!

Most important thing if you're going to take ONE, and only one thing away from this post is:

Make the bride feel special, amazing, beautiful, and all else in between. 
She deserves every minute of every moment!

I can't tell you how wonderful I felt, month after month. I had a full weekend with my girls and 
other friends doing all sorts of things, bridal showers thrown by both sides of the family, and one 
from a family friend. It was like party after party, celebrating us! Everybody involved made 
me feel on top of the world. I can't thank everybody enough that participated in 
the festivities.

 And because I'm obsessed with looking back through photos and reminiscing this week about
our wedding and all other events, I figured why not give you some ideas to celebrate the bride!
This is what you'll get out of this huge post:

1) Bachelorette day or weekend ideas
2) Bridal shower ideas & tips
3) Bridal shower decor ideas & DIYs
4) Food, food, and more food ideas based on shower themes
5) Games of all sorts
6) Gift ideas for the bride and/or couple
7) Fun gift wrapping suggestions
8) In general, motivation, ideas, & creativity for all you MOHs and BMs
(or steal the ideas on here; either works, but help by sharing where it came from!)

A Full Weekend Event
Just like the wedding, think about what you want for your bachelorette day, weekend, or
simple shower. Knowing that I had a couple girls coming from out of town, we decided to
combine all the action into one weekend. Even if they aren't in town, I'd suggest it! It makes
for one heck of a weekend with your favorite people! Do you want adventure, a party, just to
relax, or maybe only have a bridal shower? Have them all if you desire, you choose!

Make it fun for all and be sure you take these times to celebrate you (the bride) because the
only other time you'll get it is on your birthday. And that's only once a year. So take advantage
of lots of you during your wedding year! It's not selfish and if someone says it is,
tell them to come talk to me.

What We Did
*Rafted in the freezing cold
*Ate and drank garbage food and got a little wild at Courtney's house 
*Enjoyed some silly/fun bachelorette games and opened sexy lingerie gifts from the girls
*Headed to a local bar for some country music and line dancing
*Celebrated the bride with a bridal shower with friends and family the following day

Talk about a jam packed weekend of fun, adventure, crazy, and good times with friends and family!
It all goes back to how you want to celebrate you and what screams you.
Here are some ideas for all different types of brides.

Adventure Bride
I love adventure and the outdoors, so why not tie it into your weekend with everything else?
A few of my bridesmaids aren't as into it, but I loved putting them through the rafting to scare
the poo out of them. It was fun watching them squirm a bit before we started rafting. That came
back to bite me when I was the one who fell out of the raft. Karma. Boo karma. Nevertheless,
it makes everybody step outside their box in various situations such as these.

Running a 5k race together
Rock climbing 
(scare those who are afraid of a gym. Heaven forbide you take people 
outside to climb who have never done so in their entire life!)
Boating-soak up that sun & see who can stay on the tube longest
(see what it's like for all your girls to camp together, ha! Invite me because I'd love to see it)

Getting rafting appropriate

Comfort Bride
I love staying at home. Sometimes more than I should. For those brides out there who are more of a home-body, let them stick to their comfort. Plan a day or night in with all her friends inside!
You can still get crazy, have a good time, and make a great bachelorette party all by staying in.
It's not necessary to go out to a club, make a big trip, or have to go all out for anything.
Why not just stay in and do it all in the comfort of your own home?

It's exactly what we did during our weekend too! A little junk food, drinks, games, getting
ready together, you name it. All the maids and the bride in one house made for a great time!

Make a theme for staying home ("dine in", "bridal comfort", etc)
Make comfort foods 
(mini mac & cheese cups or mini grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch/dinner;
mini stuffed mushrooms, cut fruit into mini pieces to serve for snacks;
mini pancakes on a stick with an array of topping options;
make mini desserts...see where I'm going with this)
Check out Southern Living for more ideas or Google them yourself
Mix up some good beverages. Stick to your theme if you can (a little 'southern comfort' maybe)
Get bachelorette accessories...if you don't go out with them, why not use them while you're in?
Play the typical bachelorette games. Worth it for all the humor.
Splurge on some fancy lingerie for the bride

Somehow it's a little easier doing some silly things in front of people when you're at someone's home.
If your bridesmaids aren't as familiar with each other, this is a great way to get them familiar with each other. And what better way than playing dirty games and being slightly inappropriate. It happens, secret is out. Do some of those typical bachelorette things as I said before, have fun with it!

Have fun with the girls while you're all together. Enjoy a few drinks, take some
ridiculous pictures, and get some good bachelorette accessories to do it all in!

Give the bride a little spending money while she's out and about. 
Kari hooked me up in my mini necklace purse!

Party, Get Crazy Bride
Heading to the bars is not much of my thing anymore. My early 20s, ya you could see me hanging
out at Dukes here and there. But safe to say I've moved on from that stage of my life.
I've lived it up. Now I'm just an old hag that blogs. Nevertheless, it is always kinda fun to 
head to the bar for a nice night of country music and learning to line dance!

Have a cocktail hour for friends and family at your place before heading out
Wear a sache or something that tells everybody you're the bride
(I didn't think I'd want to, but it made it that much more fun. You only do it once, right?)
Pick a bar you can just dance the night away (if so you choose)
Or pick a bar you can learn to dance 
(maybe you want country, maybe you want pole dancing. Ya never know. Pick your poison)
Rent a hotel if you're in the downtown area to crash at afterwards

Get some fun shot glasses, disposable or glass, to go along with the fun.
Eat a lot of garbage food just because you can. Feel crappy the next day, but get over it.

Get a ride in a minivan if you have to. Do what you have to do to get to the bar.

Keep It Simple Bride
Now a days, weddings can get so over the top. Where do you stop? Same thing for bridal
showers. I didn't want people to feel they needed to come to all the activities nor feel
they needed to bring me something at each event. So if you're not feeling up to much of anything
else, at least have a bridal shower. 

Bridal showers give you time to spend with some of those on your guest list you may not 
have time to chat with at the wedding. It's low key, it still gets to be all about you, and it's always 
fun to see how your maids make it all happen. I was so blessed to have wonderful 
several showers, so the creativity in everybody came out. It made such a memorable wedding year!

*Ideas for Just a Bridal Shower
Pick a theme
Plan the food menu to go along with the theme
Make easy, inexpensive, simple invites
Suggest gift ideas on the invite (if she so chooses to accept gifts)
(don't invite someone if they're not invited to the wedding, that's weird)
Make or buy decor the bride can use at her wedding or in her home later
Have a table set up for people to write their addresses on envelopes (saves the bride time)
Buy the bride cute thank you cards she can send out after the shower
What the heck, play a game or two...ones that don't make people feel uncomfortable

Real Life Themes
Red, Grey, and White Theme
(Thrown by Kari and my other maids)

Make the bride treat herself to a nice little dress for the occasion. It's
a good time to splurge a little on herself!

Mix in fresh flowers from the farmers market into wine bottles or soup cans. Buy fabric on sale
at the fabric store to use as backdrops, centerpieces, etc. Spread pictures throughout to show
who you're celebrating in case someone forgets ;-)

Have a dessert bar. Strawberry shortcakes are a great summer dessert and much lighter on the belly

Try some fruit skewers, meat/veggie skewers, chips and homemade salsa and guacamole, 
veggies and dip, some yummy Trader Joe's fruit and nut mixes, and the list can go on and on!

Gotta have some games. Makes for some good laughs and gets the creativity going in some people.
Never know what they're going to come up with!

Dress up the bride with all the necessities for how her life will be, now and way
into the future. Have her walk around, make people remember and write down the items.
The person with the best memory wins!

Vintage Lace & Lavender Theme
(This was what I put together with the help of a few others for my friend Meg)

Buy letters at the craft store when on sale, use up your lace you have in your fabric supplies
or buy a little amount to cover the letters. I was able to lightly modge podge the lace onto them

Make these, scatter them for your decor, and you've got yourself one easy DIY decor if nothing else!
If you don't have any of these laying around for your stitching projects, I'm sure your
grandma does. Ask her, use them for the bridal shower decor, then give them back to her.
Easy as that.

Backyard Decor

Have your dad hang decor up for you while you're busy doing other things. Thanks Dad
for your creative mind to use the backyard for this stuff and ability to hang heavy items without
trying to leave holes everywhere!

Entrance Table Decor

Instead of ballons outside the house, why not just put a display out in front of the house that won't be missed? Set up a table with some of their engagement pictures, the invitation to the shower that everybody will recognize, an old bottle, and tie in your lace and lavender to make the theme known!

Invites can be very simple. Print on some craft paper, utilize some leftover paint and a stencil,
wrap a lace doily around the invite (ties into the lace theme), then tie little cards onto
the invite that give guests either more detail or just have a fun design on them.

Entryway table for a game and thank you cards on their way in so they don't miss them

As I had said before, reuse fabrics you have (I just sewed lace onto the bottom to tie into the theme).
Have a table for thank you cards for people to address them (saves the bride time later).

And how about make your first game right where they are going to be...have the guests
put advice, a quote, something naughty, or whatever they want on a piece of the jenga game. The
bride goes away with not just a game to play with her hubby, but some good and awfully funny advice!

Dessert Bar

Utilize all your surfaces in your house. Make sure it's known that we're here to celebrate the bride!

Display the desserts with the bride, her husband-to-be,
and everything they have done together during their relationship through pictures.

Desserts: vanilla with lavender frosting and banana with vintage caramel buttercream
(again, stick to your theme)

Use picture frames you already have, no need to go buy new ones. Use the leftover doilies
that you purchased for the invitations as background for the pictures.
Notice the piece of lace...guess what, it's part of the same cut I got to cover the letters (tie it all in!)

Food Display

Have fun with the food. We went with the mini mac & cheese, mini stuffed
mushrooms, mini pizzas, mini mason jars filled with fresh berries, and some mini cut veggies.
Meg loves those comfort foods, so when you are choosing food items for the shower think
about what the bride loves to eat!

*Tip: maid of honors, don't be afraid to ask for help. If you want to do the decor, ask the
others to help with food or vice versa. Trust me, everybody is happy to help and looks forward
to participating in the event!

*Tip: alter wedding decor, reuse your own home decor, utilize inexpensive or on-hand fabrics, etc:
Everything on that table is reused decor that Meg and I were saving for our weddings except
for the tiered food displays (I had one and Ty's mom loaned me hers) and the
doilies were purchased at Joanns. Keep it simple, get creative, use what you have!


Give your beverages a name. It doesn't just have to be a 'mix drink' or just 'lemonade'
when it can be much more than that! Have fun with it.

Place unique cups or jars out for people to drink their beverages from. Add in some
stylish straws they can sip with (check out Amazon for good deals on large quantities and you can
use the leftover straws at another time). Let them continue to refill until they've wiped you clean!

2 in 1: Game as Decor Idea

Another game that won't put people in awkward positions (some of them can if you've been
to a few showers here and there, especially when you don't know the bride all that well)
Display pictures of the two of them from baby up until high school/college time. Ask their moms
for pictures. Trust me, they have some well kept secret photos. Bring them out. Makes for a
great laugh and see them in their 'prime' days before they knew each other!
Put numbers on each picture, have a little sheet of paper for guests to write the ages of each
picture onto, and whoever has the most correct, wins!

Couples Bridal Shower
Theme: 'How We Met' the ball field

Ball Field Specialties!

(Food to go along with the theme. Have you figured it out yet?)

Gifts for the guests to take home with them...good ol' CJs!

Some more decor

Photos of us playing sports back in the day!

Take photos with your gifts. They're great props.

And be extremely nerdy when you get the chance. Ty tends to take advantage of a little more so.

*Other Bridal Shower Ideas:
Just Family bridal shower
Modern Style
Honeymoon Theme

Gift Ideas For The Bride
*Registry items*
 (always helpful, it is what they need right?)

If you're giving the bride a kitchen appliance or utensil, why not give the food you need to use it with!

*Themed Baskets*
Find a neat way to package up all the gifts, whether it be a pretty basket or using
the gift itself to put the rest of your gifts into.

-'Adventure Time'-hiking/camping stuff
-'Game Time'-basket of games for rainy days or outdoor games (horseshoes, holey board, etc.)
-'Honeymoon Essentials'-get a gift card to a restaurant or for an activity where they are honeymooning to along with towels, magazines, books, and so on of items they could use while relaxing
-'In the kitchen'-cooking utensils with pot/pan, cookbook with bakeware and ingredients
-'Spice It Up'-go to one of those specialty spice places and get a basket of spices, oils, and vinegars
-'Date Night'-get the couple a gift card to a restaurant, movie tickets, etc.
-'Transportation Needs'-a bucket filled with car cleaning supplies
-'In The Garden'-fill a bucket or a neat flower pot with garden tools, flowers, hose, etc.
-'Party Time'-items for dinner dates, catering, parties, etc. (napkins, napkin rings, serving items)

Garden themed gift all tucked into a bucket and wrapped with a tool belt, stuffed with many
of the items the bride will need for gardening

Catering/party theme...a dish to serve food along with all the napkins and napkin rings

Gift Wrapping
Unfortunately I didn't save all the wrapping to the gifts or even take pictures of some of the
fancy things people came up with. I wish I had. Instead, I will send you elsewhere to gather some
great wrapping ideas. It always makes it that much more fun to give as well as to receive!

Style Me Pretty
Birdcage with Gifts Inside
Quite the Variety-Wedding & Holiday
Themed Gift Basket

Make paper flowers to cover your gift bag rather than stuffing it with tissue paper.
These were a hit. Everybody loved the idea! (made by Tammy Kramer)

That's all we have for you at the moment. I think it's about time you get to planning anyway!

Now it's your turn:
Help us out by sharing our blog if you enjoy reading it and have gotten some of your crafty,
foody, or other such inspiration from us! We'd appreciate more visitors to the blog, so share the
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Until next time!
The Stanleys