Monday, April 29, 2013

Skimming By With What's Left...End Of The Month Breakfast

Sometimes it seems by the end of the month, we're stretching for meals if we don't want to make a run to the store. We had plenty of veggies left in the fridge and the last of the breakfast sausage, just no eggs. So rather than an egg scramble we ended up with this...

It's as easy as it looks. Throw together the last of your veggies (mushrooms, onions,
and broccoli) to saute with the leftover breakfast sausages. Thank good for almost
oatmeal and a dash of cinnamon. We got our fruit, veggies, and protein all
by skimming by with what's left in our kitchen!

Here's to another wonderful week and soon to be my birthday month!

♡The Stanleys

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bike Riding, Family, Friends, & Cantaloupe Juice

This weekend has been filled with family, good friends, bike riding to and from 
everywhere we went, and cantaloupe juice. Quite the mix, but they all go great together!

*Friday with Casey & Evelyn at Latte Da for hot chocolate, then a trip to
the park, and end at Goodie's market for candy at 10am. Who said
Auntie can't spoil the kids?

*Mike and Al signed papers...they are official home owners! We're so
excited for their big move and beautiful home.

*Tried out Lapellah and spent hours chatting with Ty's parents.
Great food, a bit on the slower side for the service.

*Biked all weekend so far (well except our drive to Battle Ground...
sorry, but that's a bit too far for me after all the other riding!)

*Spent nearly 4 hours with our friends Nick, Pennie, and their son Turner after
having a giant paleo brunch...banana pancakes, cubed sweet potatoes, fruit,
peppered bacon, scrambled eggs, and cantaloupe juice.
We are so blessed to have them in our lives!

*More bike riding to meet my parents in DT Vancouver, then spent hours
with them over some beer and sweet potato and beet chips. Nothing
beats having your parents come over to lay out on the couches
like it's their own home and chill!

*And now you're thinking, lady seriously get to the point on the juice here.
Well we made 3 different cantaloupe juices to test out and had Nick
and Pennie try them. We each had a love for different ones, so
let's just say they all passed the taste test!

 It's only been half a weekend and we can say 
that we've been able to share all that time with people we love!

Cantaloupe Carrot Ginger Juice
1/2 cantaloupe
2 carrots
1 good sized chunk of ginger

Cantaloupe Romaine Lettuce
1/2 cantaloupe
2 large romaine lettuce leaves

Cantaloupe Orange Cinnamon
1/2 cantaloupe
1 orange, peeled
dash cinnamon

PS-we made each of these with our Blendtec. They sell them at Costco every so often and they are
so worth their value. When you juice with this blender you get all the fruit versus a regular juicer
that sheds all but the juice. The thing even makes soups, ice cream, batters, flours, etc.

Cheers to all of those we love spending our time with...and our new love for cantaloupe juice too!

♥The Stanleys

Friday, April 26, 2013

With Love, Your Patient

This is what made my day at work...

These came from a patient I had a couple weeks ago who was the sweetest person ever! However, 
this patient was very, and I mean very, hard of hearing. He kept calling me Coli (like Cori, but with 
an L...not like E. Coli, that would be just weird). Rather than correcting him every time, I gave up 
trying to repeat my name. I just let it be. What was awesome is that when I opened the thank you 
card that came with the flowers it even said 'Coli.' Now, that, made it a hundred times better! 
Such a day maker!

Happy Friday all. Enjoy the weekend!

♡Coli & Ty

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Let Me Handle The Grill, Babe

I went for it. And I nailed it. I used the BBQ for the first time, EVER! That's right, first ever in 
my life. Growing up and even to this day, I have always feared starting up a propane BBQ. 
I was sure my eyebrows were going to be gone by the time I was just getting started. So for 
all you out there that have been BBQing for ages now, I am now jumping on the bandwagon.
Unfortunately I didn't capture myself in action, but to let you in on my little secret...I 
almost flipped the steak off the grill! I about had a heart attack. Great thing was that 
I was able to snag it with my fork before it went sliding off! 
Let's just say I have some room for improvement.

Basic Tri Tip & Citrus Balsamic Brussel Sprouts
1 tri tip steak
seasoning of choice, for steak
5-6 C brussel sprouts, halved
1 onion, sliced
5-6 tbsp olive oil
5-6 tbsp Fouresse citrus balsamic vinegar
1/8 C dried cranberries
1/8 C slivered almonds, optional

Put a skillet on your burner and place heat on med/high. Place your brussels in a large bowl and 
drizzle your oil over the top. Toss to coat. Once the pan is hot, pour your brussels onto the 
pan and allow to cook for 6-8 minutes. Place the sliced onions into the pan and pour the 
vinegar over the top, stirring frequently to coat the veggies. Cook until brussels are soft, 
then serve with the steak. While your brussels are cooking season your steak and place 
on a high heat on the BBQ. Do each side on high heat for 3 1/2 minutes, then turn 
to low heat and repeat 3 1/2 minutes on each side. I enjoy a little red in the middle 
and that's exactly what this will get you. Cook a little longer if you so choose!

There you have it. A super quick paleo meal with our new vinegar from Fouresse. 
This girl can grill!

♥The Stanleys

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Little Oil & Vinegar In Our Life

About four blocks from our house is Main St. And Main St. has this place called Fouresse. 
Fouresse is a cute shop to get all the olive oils and vinegars you could ever dream of. 
You want sweet, they have it. You want spicy, they have it. 
And they carry specialty salts and teas too!

So what'd I do today...I biked those short four blocks in the sun's beauty, sampled a few 
vinegars, and went for the 'citrus' balsamic vinegar. I already knew I wanted something
along those lines to cook with our meal last night, which by the way I'll
post a quick little paleo recipe to go with it tomorrow or Friday!

Make a quick trip down to Fouresse, sample some oils and vinegars, and pick yourself up a 
few. They are great not just for salad dressings and marinades, but also to drizzle on 
some dessert. Who said you can't have a little fig or strawberry balsamic vinegar 
on some coconut ice cream or paleo cheesecake? Now come to the 
Couve and get yourself some!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Putting In The Mileage & Wearing Out The Tread In Our Kicks

As some of you may remember, our goal for this month was to walk 50 miles together. It makes 
it tough when our schedules are a little off here and there, but we've been stickin' to our 
guns. We've got a week left to see what we can do to meet our goal, but we thought 
we'd share our favorite 4.5 mile walk with you all...

From our house, we love walking through the neighborhood and down the riverfront...

If you look off in the distance, you can see the mountain in eastern was
a perfect night for a walk before the sun went down!

We then make our way onto the path that leads into Fort between the river & FV 
there is this neat area to learn about the Native Americans as well as the history
during various world wars

There's that sneaky guy!

Great views on lovely days like theses and if you're lucky, you can watch planes
take off at Pearson airport!

Our awkward action shots...

The Grant House...such a cute little place to eat and then you can get a great walk in afterwards!

Yes, we did take a camera on our walk last night and yes, we probably looked like tourists
in our own neighborhood. I'm cool with it. There are so many neat places for us to
get our mileage in this month, but this has been a great go-to! If you have
a chance, come to the Couve and check it out.

Happy Tuesday!

♡The Stanleys

Monday, April 22, 2013

Cucumber Shrimp Salad

We're obsessed with those mini cucumbers you can get at costco. They're great for snacks, 
quick to cut up and dip into a paleo red pepper dip, and perfect for making a nice little salad out 
of! I won't claim to have made this up myself, but I will give all the credit to my friend
Kelsey. Way back when, we use to try out all sorts of recipes. At the time they were 
non-paleo, even this one. I can't have regular soy sauce any longer and soy isn't
paleo either! So instead, I whipped out our Braggs bottle and made
up this yummy salad!

Sesame Cucumber Shrimp Salad
5-8 mini cucumbers or 1 large cucumber, cut into small-med pieces
1 package of mini salad shrimp
braggs sauce
sesame seeds
sriracha sauce

Place your already cut cucumber and shrimp in a medium bowl. Squirt some Braggs sauce 
and sprinkle sesame seeds over the top of the salad. It will tend to pool at the bottom, but 
just give it a nice toss to mix it all up well. Serve with sriracha sauce if you so choose...
it gives it a little extra flavor with that little to a lot of spice! Keep cool in the 
fridge until you're ready to serve or take as a little snack to go!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

AHWOD + A Spaz Moment

It was time for my patient to discharge home, but I had to run to the lower level of the hospital 
to pick up a piece of equipment for him to take home. I called downstairs to let them 
know I'd be there in a couple minutes. Well those couple minutes turned into way more...

I thought I'd be good and take the stairs, but when I got out of the stairwell I was
so incredibly disoriented. However, what's weird is I take the same stairwell every morning
at work. For some reason taking them down so fast threw me off. I ended up walking
the wrong direction initially, realizing I needed to go the opposite way. I finally got on the
right track and ended up at the door of the distribution center, noticing that it appeared I
would need to swipe my badge to get in. Well apparently I got confused yet again
and ended up CLOCKING OUT! Don't ask how I got so confused that I couldn't
decipher between the time clock unit on one side of the door and the little black thing
we swipe our badge with on the other side of the door. And because you can't clock
right back in, I had to sit and wait for nearly 5 minutes as people were wondering
why I was just standing and frantically trying to get myself clocked back in over
and over. Well guess what? All along I was at the WRONG DOOR! By the time
I picked up the piece of equipment from the lady and told her my little story
(which I found to be hilarious at the time), she clearly wasn't interested and
thought I was a nut!

So yes, I have my spastic moments. I find them to be hilarious. Don't you all love 
reflecting on moments you have like those? The, 'what the heck was I doing' 
or 'did I seriously just do that' moments. Sometimes you just wish you 
could take five steps back and start over, but you actually can't.
It's a bummer deal.

Well you may have those feeling about this AHWOD...when I looked at this workout I 
thought, 'ha! no big deal.' But after you get part way through it you think, why did I do this. 
During it all I could do was laugh and laugh for two reasons. One being, 'what the heck 
am I doing.' And two, my legs feel so terrible all I can do is laugh about how 
nonfunctional they are getting and will be the next couple days!

Run 1 mile
150 squats (or jumping squats if you want a challenge)
25 mt climbers on the minute
Run 1 mile

Start with the running, go into the mt climbers at the top of the minute, then go straight into 
squats. When the top of each minute hits, get back on your hands and feet and do the 
25 mt climbers. Use the leftover of your time before the next minute to get in more 
squats. Continue to do so at the top of each minute until you reach 150 squats in 
total. Finish with another mile run. Trust me, it feels great in an awful way, 
especially if you do the air squats!

Thanks to CFE for a nice little workout and a great burner. Enjoy!

Friday, April 19, 2013

DIY Clothespin Organizing For The Crafty & Not-So Crafty

It's only been about 6 or 7 months since we first started complaining about the papers that 
continue to pile up on the end of our chaise lounge or the corner of our coffee table. It's just 
so convenient to open the mail and put it on either-or so we can "get to it later." 
We all know how that goes! It becomes more of a mess to have to go
through later, so why not at least have it be an organized mess, right?

Yesterday I decided to get around to finding a quick solution to the pile of mail and loose 
papers! I didn't want to have to go to the store for anything so I went digging around
in my crafts in the basement and here's what I came up with...

Clothespin Organizing!

So easy, quick, and cheap (even if you don't have the supplies in your home already).
You can hang bills to pay, bills to file, papers you need to respond to, save the
date invitations, coupons, or other items you need to be reminded of daily on
your fridge as easy as this:

clothespins (leftovers can be used on other projects)
paint, your choice in colors
paint brushes
stencils (optional)
string, yarn, or twine
hot glue gun and glue

Decide your color scheme and the number of clothespins you need. Have an idea of how you 
want each clothespin to be painted and take to it. I had leftover stencils I used for a wedding 
shower so I used the stencils a few times and free handed the others. Let the paint dry and clean 
up the items you won't be using thereafter. Hot glue the magnets to the back of the
clothespins and let dry.

Hang your string on the fridge as you wish. I used old dresser handles we had leftover from a
project, hot glued magnets on the back of them, then placed them on the opposite sides of the
fridge. I tied the ends of the string around the dresser handles, allowing the string to hang
loosely in the middle. Then I attached my papers and homemade clothespin magnets
along the string as shown below.

And for those who have no interest in painting clothespins and need something cheap and quick,
head to Craft Warehouse to pick up some of the already made chalkboards attached to a mini
clothespin. Wrap some twine around magnets already on your fridge, then hang your papers
& chalkboard clothespins from them. I already had the chalkboards from a previous project,
so I was able to use the leftovers for this project! What's nice is that if you don't want them
on the fridge at some point or another, you can always take them down and repurpose
them on another project! Now that's simple, easy, and cheap at it's finest!

I never said I was an artist and will never claim to be one...especially when I can't even paint 
a straight line for goodness sake! It's inspiring to think about the world of painting, but let's get real. 
It's not going to happen. I was blessed with the ability to do many other things, just not painting.

Make a cup o' joe, get organized, and enjoy a little craft time to yourself.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When You Don't Have A TV...

We play games. I take that back, we usually just play A game. I'm addicted to this game and 
won't actually play any others at the moment unless we have friends over. 
We call it Trains. Truth is that it's actually called Ticket To Ride. 
Same difference.

I don't like to lose, so I will stay up all night and play til I get a good win. Unfortunately for
Ty, he is usually the only one I play so he's the one who has to stay up late. 
Maybe that's why I've been winning a lot lately...

When we first moved in together we didn't have furniture in the front room except
beach chairs. It wasn't conducive to boardgames. Instead, we played on our
bed. So here's us being super cheesy and doin' our thing without a TV.
Sorry for the poor quality photo, not sure what happened there.

Who wants to join all this fun? We have a coffee table...
you wouldn't have to play on our bed!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Raw Yuice, My Mini Goal, & Mt. Stanley

What do you know about those awful zits that come from way below the skin's surface? The 
ones that hurt for days, then finally decide to show their face. Well I have one that's been 
festering. It's below my lip, right front and center. It hurts like a B. Not that I even know 
what a B**** hurts like. We call them Mt. Stanleys. Well actually Ty just calls them 
that, but I'm stealing it for the moment.

Anyway, I decided to add a weekend goal to my monthly resolution. Sometimes I get these 
dumb ideas in my head and that OCD part of me won't let them go. For example, I decided 
last Friday I was going to bike, walk, or run everywhere. By Sunday night I wanted so 
badly to run some errands, nothing important as usual. But, I held true to my OCD self 
and instead, washed our cars, cleaned the house, prepped our dinner for tomorrow, 
walked 4.5 miles, strolled through the farmers market, and had a nice little evening 
together. I did, however, get some nice bike rides and walks to and from the gym, 
the farmer's market, my in-laws, around town, and church. 

Lesson learned...I am more efficient in getting stuff done when I know 
I have less time without the convenience of a car.

Last thing, I promise. There's this guy that makes raw juice (Ty calls it 'yuice', stated like 'yoos') 
and sells them throughout the week from his little bike attached to a cooler cart. It's called 
Absolutely Juicy. I spotted him when I was running the Vancouver riverfront Saturday 
morning, but he sold out by noon! So Sunday morning I did my AHWOD super
early and biked down to the market to be his first customer. The healthy one was 
great, but the highlight was the spicy yuice! The lemon, apple, and jalapeno...
sweet/spicy heaven-in-a-bottle. I could've had 4 more.

A lot of nothing today, sorry. However, maybe take a little something away from this...

*watch out for those Mt. Stanleys
*take a walk to get a little exercise after dinner tonight
*check out local raw juices OR 
*look up Absolutely Juicy on Facebook & get them while they last!

♡The Stanleys

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Stanleys Go To SE Asia + A Little "Extre"!

"Extre" in the Cosby family means extra if you didn't catch on. My dad's mom, Mary Lou,
has always used the saying, "oh just a little extre," when she throws in a little something
with your gift. It may be just some cash or it may be chapstick. It's always a neat surprise. We, 
however, have a different 'extre' to share with you all that we're very excited about!

As many of you already know, Ty and I are traveling to SE Asia for 6 weeks this summer. And 
if you didn't know, you know now! We initially were going to try to make it to Thailand, 
Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam but have since decided that three of them will give us more 
time to explore each country rather than rushing all through the countries. So we have decided 
to leave out Vietnam this trip. However, what most of you don't know is a little 
plan we've been working on for the last month or so...

We're going to be building sports courts for kids in Cambodia! We prayed and prayed about
what else was in store for our trip. Something about just traveling just wasn't settling with us.
It's amazing how things work out the way they do, right? Ty's Aunt Shannon just happened to
know of a non-profit she had heard about (Courts for Kids), we got on their website and they
happened to have a group going to Cambodia around the same time we'd be there, but bummer
deal was that the application process had closed. About a week later I emailed Selene with
CFK thinking, maybe just maybe, something would be available...and there was! And there are still
3 spots if anybody is interested! We're officially joining the group when they arrive in
Cambodia mid-July! I don't think we could be any more excited! I could seriously scream. 

We will be staying in a rural community called Kralanh, which the average daily income is $1.50 
and can be lower depending on the time of the year. Most people live in wood or concrete houses
and less than half have electricity. It tends to floods in Cambodia so often that the playing 
time is taken away from the kids during the year. For girls, the chances to play are quite slim 
as is already. So rather than just touring the countries, we'll be living with and hearing many 
stories of those who live in this rural area in Cambodia while we build opportunities for the 
kids to play basketball, soccer, and volleyball year round.

But here's the deal...we need help raising money for Courts for Kids and this part of our trip. 
We need to raise about $1600 total for the two of us. If you do not wish to donate money, 
Courts for Kids will also accept sports equipment. All donations are tax-deductible (we 
can give you more details on this). If you are interested in money or equipment 
donations, please let us know and we can let you know how to go about it! 
We appreciate any support, whether it be financial or 
sports equipment donations. 

SE Asia, some hard manual labor, 
and unforgettable we come!

♥The Stanleys

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fancy Feast, Stanley Style

Sweet Cajun Mahi Mahi Over Spicy Kale
Butternut Cranberry Bacon Side
Cinnamon Apples

Here it is. Flavor on your plate and in your mouth. If you double the fish recipe, you'll have
enough for lunch the next day. Get all the fixins you don't already have and you'll be ready
to cook this for your love-hun-babe-wifey-hubby-bunny-sweetie-babycakes...
whatever weird name you call him/her!

Ty's Sweet Cajun Mahi Mahi over Spicy Kale

2 mahi mahi fillets (Costco item)
1/8 agave or maple syrup
3/4 tbsp cajun seasoning 
(Ty's favorite is Slap Ya Mama...we use it on everything. No joke.)
1/2 tsp garlic powder

Mix your goodies except for the fish in a small bowl. Spoon the sauce over your the fish. Cook
for 5 minutes on one side, then cook as long as needed to finish cooking the fish thoroughly.

bunch of kale, chopped
paprika, couple dashes
slap ya mama, couple dashes
dash of sea salt
1 tsp olive oil

Heat the olive oil on a skillet, add your spices and cook until fragrant. Add your kale. 
Stir around occasionally. Allow to cook until they get dark green in color.

Cori's Butternut Cranberry Bacon Side

1 pack of precubed butternut squash (from Costco)
3 pieces of bacon, cut into small pieces (Costco item)
1/4 C red onions, chopped
1/4 cup dried cranberries (Costco item)
1/4 cup pumpkin seeds (out of the shell, bulk item)

Heat a skillet on med-high heat. Add your bacon and let cook for a 3-5 minutes. Then add 
onions and saute for 1 minute. Place all the butternut squash cubes into your skillet (if you 
find the bacon doesn't produce enough grease to cook your cubes, add a little coconut oil). 
Once most of those ingredients are close to being done, add your pumpkin seeds and cranberries.

Dummy-Proof Cinnamon Apples

1-2 apples (the pack you bought at costco)
Dash of cinnamon

Cut your apple into slices as big or little as you want.
Sprinkle cinnamon over the apples.

Hope you enjoy!

♡ The Stanleys ♡

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Half Paleo Half Not: Choco Gummy Bears

Let's get real, these are surely not paleo. Let me ensure you that I was lying from the beginning 
of the post title. What happened was that Ty asked me to pick up his little craving for a movie 
date night: chocolate covered gummy bears. Of course, the closest store to us didn't have them 
and I wasn't interested in driving to go get them. So in my bright mind at the time, I thought 
well gosh I could make paleo-like gummy bears. I could get this super dark chocolate and 
cover the gummy bears. That would make it part paleo, right?

What was so dumb was I clearly not in my right mind at the store. By the time I was making 
these things it dawned on me that how can they be paleo when I'm making them with 
freaking GUMMY BEARS! What an idiot I was there for a minute. Nevertheless, they 
were good and super easy to make. So for those who don't do paleo or want to 
splurge for a minute, do this:

Buy gummy bears and some super dark chocolate chips or Enjoy life chips.

Melt a little bowl of chocolate chips in the microwave. Let it set for a couple 
minutes or else your bears will melt in the chocolate.
And you don't want melty bears.

Dump your bears into the melted chocolate bowl. Mix them around to cover the bears. Spoon 
them out onto a piece of parchment paper and then put them in the fridge to harden. 
Take them out when the chocolate has seemed to stick well on the bears/has hardened.

Then eat them all up and forget I mentioned anything about paleo.
As I said before, I was lying. They were good, that's all that matters now.

♡Ty and Cori Lou

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Real M.M.

I know I had a post in the month of March about March Madness, but it was not the legit march madness we're all familiar with. This post, however, is the real deal. Ty challenged me to a little
March Madness bracket making...I took the challenge with no background to the teams
whatsoever. With no TV, I'm a bit out of my league this year. Not that I was truly in any
sort of league to put something together in previous years anyway.

I decided to choose teams by popular names I know of and rankings. I found myself taking the underdog if they were closer in rankings and the top team when it was a huge split. And then tie breakers just came down to who I was familiar with. No other reason than that.
Here's what we came up with...

Mr vs. Mrs Stanley

We didn't end up in last place when we compared our brackets to the
teachers at Ty's school. That was a bonus. Not bad for mainly
guessing my way through it!
Any of you do well?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Colorado Round Tres

The best thing about our trip is that we didn't come home exhausted. We played hard, relaxed
just enough, and had some great times with our friends. Chris and Courtney were 
amazing in essentially planning our trip while we were there...they helped us 
do Colorado as though we were locals. We can't thank you guys enough
for making our experience so great, opening your home to us,
and treating us to so many things. Love ya guys!

Here's the last stretch of our trip from day 5-7.

Boulder Crossfit.
Rocky Mountain National Park.
Emerald Lake Hike.
Stanley Hotel.
Oskar Blues.

Flat Irons hike.
Paleo Treats.
Back to Denver we go.
Hang with Hannes & Olly (his dog).

Downtown Denver by foot.
Packed city for opening game day.
Colorado Rockies Game.

 Estes Park: Stanley Hotel


Rocky Mountain National Park + Emerald Lake Hike

I would've loved to crack open a Coors while I was here...
but we all know what would've happened after a gluten
filled beer made it to my gut. Not a good thought.

Oskar Blues: bringing a taste of Nola to Lyons, CO...yum!

Flat Irons Hike

Can you find him?

Paleo Treats Straight From The Local Store. Get with it Vancouver!

Opening Game Day: 
Colorado Rockies. Crazy. Fun. Once in a lifetime.

The game was spur the moment, which was a great end to our trip. Also
made us nearly miss our flight. So worth it! When is the next time
we'll make it to many, if any at all, opening game days for 
another professional baseball team? The city streets were
absolutely nuts with purple people who took the day
off as though it was a holiday. It was crazy!

Want to know our highlights. Don't worry, I'll tell you.

The Highlights
*snowshoeing to a secret hut
*tandem biking around the city
*rocky mountain national park
*open game for the Colorado Rockies

♡The Stanleys♡