Friday, May 31, 2013

Big Timer

Guess who's stepping into the 21st century? I hate and love to say it in the same sentence. 
I thought I'd never cave in, but when you've got a best friend who doesn't want me to have a 5 
year old phone any longer...she hands over her old phone to you. Plus, I'm pretty sure she's 
slightly embarressed for me and that's why I love her. She is always lookin' out!

This is me after I got my new phone.
My smartphone.
My iPhone.
A non-archaic phone.
I officially caved in.
I'm a big timer now.
Welcome me to this new world of picture messages, internet, and a touch screen.

This is a one time deal. A quick selfy of me after getting the phone all dialed in.
Not sure it will ever happen again. Waaay too awkward and who wants to
see pics of me like this anyway? What a nerd!

This is what I look like when I'm pumped....

Thanks for the phone Sis!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Paleo Noodle Doodad

(Longest noodles ever made with prepared to be amazed!)

Oh my heaven. I almost have no words. That's a lie...I'm not often short of words. But seriously, 
I got this thing for my birthday and it's what every paleo lifestylist needs. I'm not sure lifestylist 
is even the right word or for that matter, a word at all. Either way, I don't care. I'm using 
it so don't bother commenting telling me one way or another.

This doodad will make your paleo life so simple. I want to use it on everything. And trust me, 
you can! Noodles, check. Sliced apples, you got it. Sweet potato fries, absolutely. You 
should have seen me in the kitchen last night. I was getting after those zucchinis like 
nobody's business. We would've been eating paleo zucchini noodles for days if 
that smallest part of me hadn't had some self control with my new julianner!

So all my paleo friends out there, get one of these...time will be saved and dinner will be delish!

Happy slicing!

♥The Stanleys

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Today, The Crap Was Beaten Out Of Me

None of you take the title too seriously. We all know I've had my issues, but I swear...
that DID NOT happen. It did however, happen in a different way.

Today I went for a massage. Apparently most people go for a nice relaxing time. I choose to 
go to get the shit beat out of me. I like to think I'm heading in there to have this relaxing time, 
but what ends up happening is that the massage hurts so bad I do everything but relax. 

I talk the entire time. Is that annoying for you massage therapists out there? It's that or you'd 
have to hear me moan and groan in pain. I know I wouldn't want that god-awful noise 
going on if I was in the other room, so I choose to chat. The. Entire. Time. I also 
cringe because I have balls of muscle that are so tight. The faces I make are
probably horendous. Sorry ahead of time to all you therapists. And of
course, I try to scoot further and further away from all that pressure 
you put on those painful spots. Again, sorry for hopping 
off the table. I guess it just 'hurts so good.'

Of course, the therapist immediately finds out that I still haven't stretched since the last time 
he saw me 4 months ago! It is not something I can lie and get away with. They figure it 
out, they aren't stupid. It is what they went to school for, Cori. WTF is wrong with me? 
How can I not going to massages more regularly and stretch? Someone tell me.

I like to think I'm healthy. Ya know...I eat clean, exercise, shower regularly, get some good 
sleep here and there, go to doctors appointments, etc. But what I suck at is stretching the 
muscles that are, no joke, killing me. I ache all day, every day usually. Headaches, you 
bet. Tight back, always. I'm absolutely being the worst patient ever. Can I pay 
someone to come stretch me out every day? Anyone? Any takers?

No takers. Ok fine. I guess I'll continue to have the therapist beat the crap out of my extremely 
tight muscles until I finally can stretch to touch my toes. I'm looking forward to that day. That 
is, when I can touch my toes easily and maybe even tip my head side to side without feeling 
like my muscles and tendons are going to snap if they're pushed that much further. 

Until then, I'll keep searching around for a good therapist. If you love your therapist, holler 
at your girl here...and forewarn your therapist that a big ball of tight mess is coming 
their way. That's all my venting I have for now. Maybe I'll go stretch...maybe.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blood Orange Chia Pudding

Blood oranges are not just tasty but they are so pretty. I almost didn't want to eat them
because I was fascinated with the colors. Just as the colors on the outside appear,
the edible part is mixed with a lighter orange and blood orange color.
Slightly obsessed. I'll stop.

Blood Orange Chia Seed Pudding
2 C blood orange juice (4-5 oranges)
1/2 C cashews, soaked in water overnight
1 tbsp raw honey
3 tbsp chia seeds
sprinkle coconut palm sugar
blood orange segments

Drain the water that the cashews are in and place the cashews into your processor. Blend until 
creamy. Add a couple tablespoons of blood orange juice and cream together. Then add the rest 
of the blood orange juice and honey until smooth. (In the previous recipe from betacyanin it said
to drain the contents with a milk nut bag...I skipped that part but you can do it if you so wish).
Mix the chia seeds into the cashew-orange mixture. Place in the fridge for several hours, then
pull it out to hand mix again. Place back in the fridge  for several hours up to overnight.
Serve with the orange segments and a sprinkle of coconut palm sugar.
My version is much thicker than the previous recipe, but as I had said...I skipped the draining part.
Flavor was all there still, so I figured why bother with the additional step! I'll be honest,
 I was on a time constraint and being slightly lazy, but I'd suggest doing it next 
time so you get the right texture and all! Enjoy!

♡The Stanleys!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Remembering Those

Today we remember those who have died serving our country. We thank them for their courage 
and strength and their families who manage to go on day to day living with the memories. 
For the rest of us who have not been a part of the military, we serve them by 
participating in a dedicated Crossfit workout to say thanks.

This workout is very difficult with not just body weight, but throw on a 20-25lb vest and it makes 
it that much harder. Not one of us will ever truly know what it was like for those who have 
died serving our country, but it gives us the opportunity to push harder and always have 
them in our thoughts as we do the workout, "Murph." You can read more online
about who it's named after and how he served our country. This is what we did:

Run 1 mile
100 pull ups
200 push ups
300 squats
Run 1 mile

Those moments I wanted to stop and rest were those moments you realize those heroes 
never stopped. Ty will attempt Murph sometime today with the rest of the Crossfit
crew while I had to do it on Friday since I'm working today. Last year with just
body weight I ended with a time just over 37 minutes. This year, I threw
on that vest and ended with a time of 41:56!

Thank you for serving our country Papa Joe.
Happy Memorial Day!

♡The Stanleys

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gone Campin'

We've been MIA the last two days...we went camping. That's right. Stanwees went campin'.
Ocean Park/Long Beach, WA did us in in fact.

We can say we did it though. Went camping in the pouring rain that is. We can't say we lasted more than a night, however. From 10pm last night until the time we left last night, that rain was relentless!
In fact, Ty made sure to wake me up every time it seemed like it started to rain harder. That meant he woke me up about three times. It was awesome...not. Ty claims I felt like I had a hangover because I had ONE, yes just ONE, hard cider. I claim that it was because I barely got any sleep due to the weatherman sleeping next to me all night. In case I couldn't hear the rain come down harder, Ty made sure to zip and unzip his window on the tent to make sure and then let me know.
That's exactly why I love him.

If you don't have a jetboil, get one. Makes camping life incredibly easy!

Paleo graham crackers...we can thank Aubry for making them and maybe even
get a post on here one day for the recipe!

How about a quick little game of whiffle ball? Ty couldn't keep up with my batting average.
I was quite good in the rain.

Jack looks like he saw a ghost or maybe the girls scared him. Not sure.

This kid knows how to do breakfast when camping. Marshmallows are
not only used for smores, but putting them in between pancakes
for breakfast. You know what's up, Treyson!

Rather than sitting in the rain at the campsite, we headed into Long Beach
for a little tour and to scope out the Cottage Bakery. They have all
desserts the size of someone's head. Can't go wrong there.

This museum had random bed pans and toilets hanging on the walls.
I was very interested apparently.

And we are both super haggard!

Ty insisted we ride the go carts...we all ended up with dirt all over our faces!

Anyway, I brutaly failed when it came to taking pictures of all of us camping. There's the whole
like 10 pictures I took. I'll leave the rest up to your imagination of all of us around a fire
in the rain, some of us eating paleo smores, some of us trying to stay warm, and
some of us just relaxing and enjoying the sound of all that rain!

Thanks again Jamie and fam for letting us pitch tents at Donoland.
Let's see if we can't find a weekend that could perhaps show the sun's face next time!

Hope you all have had wonderful times with family and friends, rain or shine!

♥The Stanleys

Friday, May 24, 2013

Chili Lime Sweet Potato Mash

At a loss for what in the world you should bring to the next gathering you go to? Just needing a 
side to your meal tonight? Well guess who's got it...that Stanleys. I whipped this up real quick
before heading to a friends house for dinner. The sweet potato has great diversity with meals.
Make 'em sweet or make 'em savory. Here's what we've got for all of you!

Chili Lime Sweet Potato Mash
4 sweet potatoes, medium sized
2 1/2 tbsp coconut oil
zest from 1 lime
1/2 tsp coriander
1/4-1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
1/4 tsp sea salt

Heat a large pot of water on high (or one med and one small to fit them all in). Peel your sweet 
potatoes and cut into small cubes. Toss the sweet potatoes into the boiling water and cover. 
Cook until soft. Once done, place in a large bowl and get mashing. Once you've reached
a good texture, spoon your coconut oil, zest, and spices into the mashed potatoes. 
Mix well. Flatten the top of your mash, then decorate the top with a little
more zest from the lime, sprinkle cayenne pepper across the top, and
then a dash of sea salt as well.


♥The Stanleys

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gettin' Organized A Cupboard At A Time

When I set this goal at the beginning of the month, I truly got after it. There were several 
stupid things about it all though...

1) I went to two Walmarts in Vancouver one day to get the supplies, then turned around the 
next day and went to the Fairview WM to get the rest. Not necessary. Should've just got 
them as they came back into stock. I did have all month to get it done.
2) I suck at painting. Great thing is that chalkboard paint wipes off well on
both the storage containers I used.
3) Why do people think it's ok to take all their kids at 10pm to Walmart on a school night. 
In fact, why is your infant/toddler still up at that time?
4) Why was I at Walmart that late as well? Weird.

Anyway, I accomplished one of my monthly resolutions which was to organize the cupboards 
in the kitchen. I even snuck in organizing a drawer that had just about everything you could 
ever want in it. It's super easy...the only thing that was stopping me is the laziness. Once 
you get rollin' with it, you'll be wondering why you didn't just do it from the get go.

storage containers
storage bins
chalkboard paint

Paint a shape on your containers that suits your fancy. Let dry. You may need to apply an
additional coat of paint or you may not. Place your food into the jars and ingredients
into the bins. Label the storage containers. And you're done.



When everything is in one container or bin, all you have to do is pull out the whole bin and grab
what you need. Then you put it back in the bin and on the shelf. Before we were having
to pull everything out to get to the things in the back of the shelf. Sound familiar to
you? Well get away from that...this is an inexpensive way to fix that problem!

Happy organizing!
And PS-stay away from late night Walmart trips.

♥The Stanleys

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Grand Finale

And I thought all the birthday celebrating came to a wrap after the HBD family dinner 
the other night. Ty had another little something up his sleeve, that sneaky guy!

I wanted to chop off my head in this picture with my good ol' editing system on the computer, 
but Ty said 'don't do that' as though he'd be hurt if my head wasn't in this picture...
I apparently listened because my head is still in it, so now you have to 
ignore it...if that's even possible now.

We got hooked on tandem biking when we visited Chris and Courtney in Colorado last month 
and Ty happened to find one that has been all around the world with a couple who sold it 
to him. Ty and his dad stripped the bike down, repainted it, and had the bike shop make 
some other improvements. Not only was I in love at first site, but we have gotten quite 
the response from neighbors who love it!

Wave hello when you see us Stanwees cruisin' tandem around town and if you ever get a chance, 
try one out yourself! They're great for communication and spending time together...
all while you get a little exercise!

♡The Stanleys

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Scrubs For All You Nurses

For all you nurses and those who have commented on my scrubs currently and/or in the past, 
I thought I'd share a little something with you...

*One, I have to give credit to my mom. No joke, she has dressed me for work since day one. 
Not to sound childish, like I don't know how to dress myself, but 90% of the scrubs I have in 
my closet have been gifts from her. So, thanks mom for keepin' me hip in the scrub department! 

*Two, her secret is Uniform Destination out in Troutdale at the Columbia Gorge Outlet. 
The deals are way better than any other place I've come across, they get different stuff 
into the store fairly frequently, and yes they have all shapes/sizes of scrubs for us all!

*Three, Mary Englebreit is not just in books and art, but now is all over the scrubs! 
These are the Englebreit tops I got for my birthday.

The store carries Grey's Anatomy, Koi, Cherokee, Crocs, and many other brands.
I had no idea Crocs was making scrubs and so glad I found out...they are sooo comfy!
Thanks again for dressing me mama!

Love, Sis

Thursday, May 16, 2013

HBD To Me...Again!

I keep telling you all that I like to celebrate birthdays more than just on the day. I ate paleo 
desserts all week last week, had one heck of a time in Victoria over the weekend, and last night 
had a HBD party with the family. Ty tells me I still have one more thing to go!

There are 2 parts to throwing a quick and easy HBD party with family and friends.

a lot of fun loving people
a couple kids
a dog or two
a small house to mash everybody into
and a simple paleo inspired bbq menu

1- fruit kabobs stabbed into a pineapple
2- paleo fruit dip-one chocolate, one banana
3- kale salad with blueberries, cranberries, and a specialty vinegar from Fouresse
4- lettuce wrapped burgers (your choice of turkey or beef)
5- condiments (avocado slices, bacon, grilled veggies, wet condiments)
6- sweet potato or plantain chips
7- bliss ice cream
8- paleo carrot cake (see last weeks recipe)

Now assign each part of the family to bring one of the above!

Mom & Dad Cos'

Sparrow Fam

Sorry about the poor quality of the photos...apparently the iPad doesn't do as well at night!

The Stanleys above and the Cosby-Stanley crew below

A quick setup for food when you have minimal counter space in the kitchen:
use a table or buffet to display the basics, serve the food in the kitchen

Burg decorating station!

My mom was in charge of fruit and she outdid herself with a cute 
little fruit display and a paleo dip!

Mark and Kathy brought our favorite salad:
mixed kale lettuce bag from Costco mixed with berries and
a specialty balsamic vinegar

And remember that tasty paleo carrot cake I baked up last week? Well guess what...
I froze it and pulled it out for this event. So amazing! That means you can
bake it way ahead of time and pull it out when you need it! only turn 27 once!

Thank you fam for coming over to celebrate the big 2-7...see ya for the 2-8 next year!

♡Cori Lou