Monday, September 30, 2013

Siltcoos Lake Yurt: Florence, OR

Yes, we know. There are yurts all over the place. But guess what? This one is a hidden gem!
It's the only one on the river/lake, tucked away from the homes in the surrounding area.
It has running water, a fridge, a mini kitchen, a tv, enough space for nearly 6 or 7
people if you have an air mattress, and perfect for the weekend storm we
endured down there.

Included in the price is the ability to use their kayaks, both single
and double seaters, canoes, and paddle boats! It's a steal for the price. Grab it up
next summer when they reopen, invited some friends or family, and take
to your private area of the river/lake!

I'm sure when it's nice, the picnic table and lawn chairs would be perfect. Cast
out your fishing pole and who knows, maybe you'll catch dinner for the night!
Otherwise, be sure to bring lots of games and stay'll have plenty
of time to get as many as you want throughout the day and night.

We are so blessed to have friends like Meg, Ben, and their dog-child, Rudy. 
Aren't they just the cutest family?

And on your way out of town, stroll through the town streets. Have lunch at Mo's or any of 
the other restaurants, grab some ice cream or candy at BJ's, check out the little shops, and scan 
the water for all the sea lions that come up to be fed near the dock.

Thanks for an amazing weekend Looney fam! Looking forward to the next getaway!

♡The Stanleys

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Yurting & Paleo Meal Ideas While In The Woods!

Is that even the right term? I figured if I were going to camp, we'd be going camping.
It only made sense that if we were staying in a yurt, that we'd be going "yurting."
It doesn't make a difference for anybody really, but that's what we'll be doing in this 
storm. Hopefully it doesn't take us out while we're there. 

Ty only packed ALL of our indoor and outdoor games in preparation for all weather 
conditions. He also took up all of the room in the big bag we intended on sharing. I think 
he got confused that we aren't going to be gone for a month...just overnight.
I love him for both those things. He's always prepared for any circumstance, I know that much!

Anyway...I thought I'd share ideas for paleo meals while out in the woods!

1) chia seed pudding
2) sweet potato, mushroom, onion, and spinach (optional) scramble
3) bananas and apples
4) the McCarty bullet proof coffee 
(add 1 scoop grass fed butter-optional, 1 scoop coconut oil, 1 scoop honey, 
1 scoop cocoa powder, & cinnamon if you're interested)

1) almond flour bagels (your choice on fillers)
2) brats
3) sweet potato chips
4) watermelon and pineapple chunks

1) salmon burgers topped with cashew curry cream sauce
2) fresh garden salad with dressing of choice
3) Sparrow's lime cilantro cauliflower rice
4) fruit, optional

1) paleo graham crackers, duh! 
with paleo marshmallows and super dark chocolate

1) mixed nuts 
2) dried fruit
3) sweet potato chips
4) larabars
5) spinach artichoke dip

1) jug o' water
2) coffee or tea
3) hard cider...
preferably Angry Orchard & only because it's that good
(and only if you want to stray slightly away from your paleo ways)

I know I'm a bit late on this whole paleo camping meal idea considering summer is over and 
very few people are out camping at this point. But who says we can't get away to go yurting with 
some of our favorites in the middle of a storm?! Just remember this post the next time
you take off for the will help you with some quick, paleo meal planning.

Enjoy this stormy weekend everybody!

♥The Stanleys

Friday, September 27, 2013

Paleo Snack Time: Mini Salami Pizzas

Well, I nearly died when I was going through my emails. When I got to the email titled
"heated toilet seat", we all know I had to check it out. I've spent half my life on a toilet...
well maybe not that much, but nonetheless quite a bit of my justify a need
for something like this. Now that winter is coming up on us, who wouldn't
want a warmed, lighted toilet seat to sit on? Business, in a variety of ways, could get 
done on that thing! Ok fine, I'm totally kidding. In fact, I was quite boggled by the 
idea that somebody would even do this and I want to meet the people who 
actually buy these things. If you're one of them, please confess. I'm dying to know
if it has improved your life in any way, shape, or form.

Thank you LivingSocial for a good laugh. Keep 'em coming.
Check out your options here (bidet, heated, lighted, etc).

The MSPs
(mini salami pizzas)

Food and toilet things don't mix, but today they do and only because we're still
on paleo snack week. Today we have mini salami pizzas. Use salami or
pepperoni, I don't care. Here's the quick and easy version, although
there isn't any other version I have for you anyway.

3 tbsp tomato paste
dash of onion powder
dash of garlic powder
dash of parsley
dash of black pepper
dash of salt
dash of Italian herbs
dash of crushed red pepper flakes
6-10 slices of salami
baby slices of green bell pepper
artichoke hearts, optional
avocado, optional

Mix the tomato paste with all the spices and slather your sauce onto each
slice of salami or pepperoni. Add your toppings of choice and
snack away on these tasty bite-sized pizzas!

♡The Stanleys

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Paleo Snack Time: Bacon Avocado Sammies

Ty's football team had game three yesterday. They lost and by no surprise sadly enough. They 
only have about a whole 3 guys that can tackle. The rest just run around. In fact, last
week they were on their third down (they had the ball) and one of the kids had to run off the
field to ask them if they were on offense or defense. Bummer. We have a little hope that
maybe, just maybe, they'll make a turn around in the next couple weeks. 
We'll see what happens.

These are nothing new to some of you, but for those who can't get their mind
off the same snacks everyday...these will give you a little something easy
to make that is off your normal snack routine.

1 pack bacon
1 large avocado or 2 small avocados
dash of onion powder
dash of garlic powder
salt & pepper, to taste

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Place the bacon strips on a foiled baking sheet.
Bake for 20-25 minutes, until brown and crispy. While the bacon is baking
smash your avocados and add the spices, mix well. When you're ready
to pack up your snacks, spoon the avocado onto a bacon slice
and top it with another piece of bacon. That's it!

♡The Stanleys

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Paleo Snack Time: Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

I'm a self-proclaimed "good speller", but when it came to doing this post I realized I couldn't figure
out how to spell asparagus. Who knew there was an extra A between the R and the G. Apparently
I didn't. Ya know what other word gets me...broccoli. Why do I always wanted to
spell it with two L's?

On another note, I went to three different grocery stores today. I was clearly being particular
about where I purchased certain things from. Amongst my grocery shopping spree,
I decided I will forever go to Chucks (local Vancouver amazing grocery store similar to
Whole Foods) on Tuesdays. Why Tuesdays? Because it's discount senior day! Those folks
get 10% off their groceries on Tuesdays and I love all the cute old couples.
I can't wait to be 65.

But these guys, yes, these tasty little veggie-meat spears. I loved them from the first
one I snacked on. Ty, on the other hand, decided right away he didn't like them. He is not
exactly a salt type of guy and unfortunately for him, prosciutto tends to be much saltier than not.
I am the salt queen. I only confess to that statement about half the time though. In my favor,
I got to eat all of them. And they sure didn't last long at all!

12 asparagus spears
6 pieces of prosciutto, cut lengthwise into 2
splash of olive oil for frying

Wrap the asparagus spears into the prosciutto pieces at a 45 degree angle. This allows the
piece of prosciutto to cover majority of the spear. Heat your oil on a pan, then
place your wrapped asparagus on the pan. Fry until the prosciutto becomes browned and
crispy. Let cool, then have at 'em!

These are great as a snack or a quick and easy appetizer to bring to a party.

♥The Stanleys

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Paleo Snack Time: Spinach Artichoke Dip

Can't stop, won't stop. That's exactly what's happening to me when it comes to eating
this dip. Oh my heaven is it good. Sometimes I don't even bother with cucumbers and instead 
I end up eating it with a spoon. Definitely guilty and I'm not ashamed whatsoever.
Great for a paleo party snack or I guess to eat by the spoonfuls. 
Either will do!

Check out the recipe here:

And get the cashew cream base here.

I'll be testing out some other ways to use cashew cream, which is the base
to this dip. I've definitely got some ideas, but whether or not they
turn out will be a entirely different situation. You'll 
find out soon enough!

♥The Stanleys

Monday, September 23, 2013

Cashew Cream

You're probably thinking, why cashew cream. I know, seems random but trust me on this...
it is way too easy to make and can be used on a thousand paleo recipes. Ok fine, 
maybe not a thousand but a lot. And I'm on the verge of buying a lot of 
cashews and testing out some dessert recipes with it. If any of my 
ideas work, trust'll hear about them.
Lucky you!

Cashew Cream
approx. 1/2-3/4lb cashews

*Place cashews in a medium bowl. Pour enough water into your bowl
to cover 2 inches above the cashews. Let it sit 3+ hours, but
preferably overnight. The drain & rinse cashews.

*Place the cashews into your food processor and blend until the
consistency becomes thick & creamy. Every so often, I'd
suggest scraping the sides down and continue to cream.

*Once you have your cashew cream made, it can be utilized in a variety
of ways. Stay tuned for a paleo artichoke dip recipe link that
you can use it in or find your own recipe that suites
your fancy! It will serve your time &
tastebuds well!

♥The Stanleys

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gettin' Murray'd

These two lovebirds are getting married today! And since Joe's last name is Murray, how
perfect is it to say they are getting 'Murray'd'. Perfect, I know. Whoever coined that,
props to you and your creative mind...Ty claims it was him ;-)
Congrats Joe & Tele!

We wish you two an amazing & unforgettable wedding day 
and many years of a happy & wonderful marriage!
Looking forward to spending some time with
you guys when you get back from that
dreamy honeymoon!


Friday, September 20, 2013

Angkor Wat: The Lost City

There's nothing I can truly come up with to explain this place. Pictures won't do it justice, but
you can still scroll through the quick version of what we have below. Depending on who 
you ask, this has been considered one of the "world wonders" is a place you 
don't want to miss and truly a 'wonder.'

Our suggestion: 
1) find your way there and see for yourself what the largest religious monument is all about!
2) use a tour guide to take you to the main highlights as a one-day tour OR
3) use a tour guide for a two-day tour to see more of the temples
4) rent a vehicle of choice and do it on your own
5) check this place out at dusk & dawn!

*Angkor Wat
There is so much history behind this place, it's incredible! Pay close attention to all the
little detail on the walls, pieces missing and pieces intact, and all the beauty
of this massive place. Keep your eyes peeled for all the holes that
may lead you to another place or trails that lead you down a
new path. Take it all in, enjoy every moment!

*An amazing temple made of a special red rock/sand

*Ta Prohm
Tomb Raider was filmed here

Once Hindu ruling, you can see various parts of the temple with Hindu 
influence as well as Buddhist influence that occurred later in history

Get lost in the lost city. Enjoy this world wonder!

♡The SE Asia Travelers
aka The Stanleys!