Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Summing Up The Stanley's: 2013

"Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 book. Write a good one."

Our Stanley Year in Sum:

*Started the Stanwee Blog & Have Over 106k Views*

*Snowshoed Mt. Hood*

*Hiked in the Gorge*

*Took a Day Trip to Race/Run Up & Down the Dunes*

*Went to LA to see some of these crazy gals*

Participated in the CF Open

*Visited great friends in Colorado*

*Stair Climbed for Lung Cancer*

*Took to Long Beach for a Camping Trip*

*Watched as Allison Got Healthier with Each Dose of Remicade*

*Had a Weekend Getaway in Canada at a Neat B&B*

*Walked 50+ miles in One Month*

*Stayed in a Yurt with The Looneys*

*Frequented the Vancouver Farmer's Market*

*Backpacked & Volunteered in SE Asia*

*'Fruit Looped' in Hood River*

*Ty Fixed Up a Tandem Bike...
and we rode around town as often as possible*

*Watched the family progress quickly at Crossfit...they all amaze us!*

*Spent some good hours on the Columbia River with family and friends*

*Hit the 1 Year Anniversary*

*Got Some Ink in a Bridal Magazine*

*Lost Our Papa Joe*

*Many Friday Dates with 2 of Our Favorites*

*The Whole Family Got Another Year Older!*

*We paid off 55k in student loans and will be debt free at the end of January 2014!*

There were all sorts of little things here and there, but this will have to sum up our big trips
and exciting things in our life for now. Thanks to all you who spent the time reading some
of these silly things...and hopefully, you got a little something out of at least one of the blog posts!

We hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve and of course, have 
lots of joy, love, and experiences coming your way in 2014.

The Stanleys!