Sunday, January 26, 2014

5 Quick Things

Ty wanted me to call this blog "Freak Out." Because 1, Freak died. Hence where "freak comes from." 2, he says my back freaked out on me. 3, I freaked out that I had to call in sick. 4, we freaking love Fouresse and got after the moving sale today. 5, I freaking overdid the whole hat thing but hopefully with good outcomes of selling what we have left! And trust me, I know how to count but I didn't have a picture for #3.

More details below...

1) We woke up to a dead fish yesterday. He (Freak, named because we got him on Halloween) lived to be 1.5 years. Whatever that equates to in fish years, I'm not sure. I used him somewhat as decor on a shelf so it's time I find something new to decorate with apparently. It was the only thing we were responsible for besides ourselves and the easiest pet ever. RIP Freak.

2) Spinal injections are interesting to say the least. The idea of a giant needles going into my back didn't make me nervous by any means. I somehow trusted a man I knew for a whole 3 minutes to insert something like that into my spine with a slight risk of who knows what. What was weird was the pressure in my spine, a feeling where I wasn't sure if there was going to be room for all that fluid in there. My feet went slightly cold, whether that was the position I was in or not, I'm not sure. All my back pain symptoms seem to come abdomen was uncomfortable, my groins had an increase in pressure from within, my low back had small pains here and there, and my mid-low back made me feel like I couldn't bend or twist from the fluid that remained in the spine. By the afternoon I was unable to sit or lay on my back comfortably, so it was standing to knit or laying on my side. Here's to praying this works within the next 2 weeks!

3) Yesterday was the first time I have ever called in sick in my life. Not kidding. I didn't even do it last minute...I tried to see if there was any chance I could do some sort of light duty just to fill in my hours. I've feared the day I'd have to take my first "sick day." I was pretty much forced to do so considering the discharge instructions said NO BENDING, TWISTING, PULLING, LIFTING, etc. for at least 3 days. Figured the job wasn't going to provide that whatsoever. I will say that I kept myself busy with knitting, so at least the day didn't go to waste! 

4) Our favorite little olive oil and vinegar shop had their last "moving day" sale today. We stocked up on a some fun flavors and so happy we did! Dinner tonight was so tasty and still Whole30 approved! They've decide to go primarily online, although they will do local deliveries for free. Plus they will have some of their items at the Vancouver Coop sometime next month. Thank goodness they aren't disappearing on us! If you ever get interested, check out Fouresse online and put in an order.

5) With a few more hats to go from all the leftover yarn, we plan on having a mini sale with what's left. The goal is to sale ten to twelve newborn up to 4-5 year old beanies. There will be a mix of sizes and colors. More details, more photos, and soon to have more hats made!