Saturday, January 11, 2014

DIY Saints Wreath For A Little Extra Stanley Cheer!

For all those football fans out there...dem Saints pulled off a great game last weekend to put them into the playoffs today against Seattle! We are super pumped for the win and now wishing we had some tickets to go watch them up north! Instead, I will watch it from my patient's room at work (not quite as cool as being there) while Ty gets to enjoy the game on a new, giant sized screen at his parent's house.

Anyway, I had a little spare time the other morning to whip out this gem. I figured we needed to have a little extra spirit for the day...and hey, maybe even a good luck charm hanging on our front door!

(You can use the same theme for any team you cheer for, just switch up the colored fabric)

wire wreath
burlap, 1/2-3/4 yard
1-2 colors of fabric, 1/2 yard of each
2 long strands of jute
fleur de lis (or other team symbol)

1) cut strips of burlap 2-3'' x 8-8 1/2''
2) cut strips of the colored fabric 2-3''x 8-8 1/2''

3) loop & swoop tie (just once), one piece of colored fabric for every two pieces of burlap
4) continue to do this in the pattern of your choice until you've filled the entire wreath
(you may have to cut more fabric depending on how full you want it to be)

5) tie a piece of jute to your NFL symbol or a small chalkboard and attach to top center of your wreath
6) tie your other piece of jute to the top center of your wreath at a length
that is suitable for hanging on a wall or door.

Big thanks to our good friends, the McCarty's, for having us over for dinner and sharing your TV last weekend! Glad we had a good game, good company, and a great win. Here's to playing hard
and coming out with a win today!


♥Your Big Saints Fans, T&C