Thursday, January 9, 2014

Gettin' Organized

Did I ever tell you that one of the things on my Christmas list this year was storage containers? While most are asking for the new xbox system, I wanted storage containers. I've decided it's one of those "when you get older" type of things that you'll understand when you 'get older.' And because I already let you in on my OCD of organizing my scrubs, I've decided to let you know how we organized the storage in the basement. We have my parents to thank for getting the ball rolling on this whole organizing thing...because guess who gave me storage containers for Christmas?! Look who's rollin' in deep of storage containers!

Getting organized can go one of two ways for me....simple or over-the-top OCD. Thank goodness the storage containers they gave me made that decision for me: simple! So rather than the OCD version of having small, medium, large, lots of drawers, segments, etc to storage containers, I got large colored containers and small clear containers. 

-Step one: decide how you want your belongings stored. 
I broke it down like this:

*Colored containers for regular home decor, party decor, & special holiday decor

*Clear containers for memorabilia, party supplies, gift wrap/bags, frequently used items
(i.e. table settings/trendy napkins)

*Tall drawer container for sewing necessities (material, thread, patterns, etc.)

*Soon-to-be containers (I need to go get more!) for small, loose craft supplies

-Step two: make labels.
Currently we have used sticky notes with a title and then a list of what belongs in the storage
container. At this point, I like that if we wanted to change things around the sticky note is easy to
change. However, one day when there's more time on our hands we just may make it look
more official!

If you already thought I was wacky with my scrubs, I may have just confirmed it even more.
I will say there is something about being extremely organized that makes life extremely easy.
Just think of us & organizing when you're trying to find the holiday decor "you knew you had last year", but just can't seem to find. You may think twice about becoming a little OCD!
But why not just start now?

♥The Stanleys