Friday, January 10, 2014

Grandma Nu & Our Date Night Guest

Normally it's just Grandma Nu and myself for our dates. We've done afternoon dates at cafes, antique stores, lunch at Grandma's, or just kickin' back at her house. But today was different in two, we had a date night. And two, we had a special one and only! Ty joined us for a neat show at the church put on by a group called Asante, which means 'thank you' in Swahili.

These children are awesome. Not kidding whatsoever. They have been through more than any of us ever have or will, they can jam like nobody's business, and have voices we all pretend we have while we're alone. And they all come from afar: Rwanda and Uganda. The group is called Asante in which a man started with a vision helping one child and lead into what is now 3,000 children. Check these special kids out! God willing, maybe you'll find a child you can sponsor!

I apologize ahead of time...for some reason I can get the videos to upload correctly, so for the
time being you get to just watch. Consider yourself half lucky today.

Their last show is tonight out at a church in Banks. So if you live in that direction,
we suggest this short concert. You'll be amazed with their moves and in awe with their little voices. They warmed our hearts, that's for sure! And nothing like sharing our time with Grandma Nu.
Secretly, Ty and I wanted to take them home with us. Maybe next time! ;-)

♡The Stanleys