Monday, January 20, 2014

Hello, Punchbowl!

Eagle Creek, Punchbowl Falls, High Bridge. You've all heard the names and I'm sure many of you have been there. Nothing off the radar or new to anybody, especially since I'm pretty sure it's one of the most visited hikes in the area. But what was new for us...this place on a nice January day. Oh my heaven, I seriously thought I was in heaven! We thought for sure we were in the wrong month. That there was no way it was that great in January. All the bright green moss on majority of the trees, the runoff scattered throughout the trail, and then there's those steep drop offs...I could've done without those, but I guess there's no changing that.

We took two of our small, basic cameras to see who could capture a better round of photos
along the entire hike. I'm sure, not to any of your surprise, that we turned it into a little competition. Your vote, who wins?

My Photos:

Ty's Photos:

I'll be honest...I think Ty wins. He had the most variety of photos, angles, and subjects. 
Not bad for having the older, smaller camera. Props to you my husband. I love
seeing how you view this world through a camera!

If any of you have a little time, some energy, and land it all on a decent day, head to
Eagle Creek. You can take the short hike to Punchbowl or continue on to high bridge. 
Dress warm and enjoy yourselves!