Saturday, January 18, 2014

Just Another Friday, Posted On A Saturday

I had to disappear from the blogging world for a few days as I had to become absorbed into the knitting world. I have a few different worlds at the moment:

-Blogging, duh. 
-Knitting, which was just made more obvious. Hence all those hats. 
-Bible 365, once a day. I'm trying to enhance my bible knowledge. 
-Dexter. No, not the cartoon. The real deal. Our small addiction at the moment.
-And then there's the working world. The world of nursing, AKA the hospital. And trust 
me, it is a WHOLE different world. Almost like for 12 hours, there is nothing else that 
exists. All you nurses would agree with me, I'm sure of it.

Speaking of work, I had this not-so-awesome moment yet made me laugh in my head all at the same time. All I could think of was...did that just happen, did my arm just touch that? All you nurses out there would understand. You know, those moments when you reach over to help a patient grab something on their tray table but en route you end up rubbing your bare arm over the top of their urinal...yes, the part of the urinal where anything and everything touches. And you wonder how 
quick you'll be able to wash your entire body even though it only touched your arm.

That was only the start to the day...which led into stepping in some you know what. It was all dried on the floor, but better that than the full meal deal if you know what I mean. We've all been there a time a two. And for some of us, we've come in contact with more bodily fluids than we'd like. 

So the next time you spill your coffee at your desk or food at the picnic lunch spills on your sure to think of all your favorite nurses out there who take one for the team. Whether it be absorbing that vomit on their scrub top, poo on the shoe, or a urinal rubbing across their thankful for those who continue to tackle that job.

On a completely different note, can I just tell you how quick the kiddos are growing up? We had a
date night with them last night...a good ol' walk to ICR, which just happens to be the best ice cream shop in Vancouver, and lots of play time in the basement playing who knows what. It's amazing how a head lamp can make the night. Simple treasures! Anyway, I wish we would've snapped some more photos of them heading to Main St. and eating their ice cream so you could see how much they've grown since the last post. But because I didn't, this is all we have to work with for now...

After we dropped the kids off, Ty said to me "that was a fun night, I had a good time" as though we went on a date or to a party...funny how we get old, that simple nights like those are now "fun."
And I couldn't agree with him any more when he said "we are so fortunate to be so close with those
kids." We are so grateful for them, but also their parents who let us steal them and feed them a lot
of sugar at all sorts of times during the day!

Try getting out for a mini hike this weekend or taking your kids to a new ice cream shop in Vancouver or Portland. Time to test out a new place and enjoy the PNW.
Happy weekend!

♡The Stanleys