Monday, January 13, 2014

Managing A Sweet Tooth On Whole30

Drinking full on canned coconut milk is like a ticket to ride straight to the bathroom. Whether it be drinking it, eating it as coconut ice cream, or making chia seed pudding with sure there's
an open toilet somewhere nearby. Don't take that loosely either. I give you props if coconut milk doesn't have that effect on you.

It's one thing if you have a little full fat coconut milk made into coconut whip for desserts. That's manageable. Definitely not enough for the later effects. It's a whole different ball game if you tackle the can, whole, and in a larger quantity. There's a good reason I haven't posted coconut milk chia seed me.

That full on coconut milk can really take a tole on the bod. Mainly the gut, let's be honest. That stuff is a laxative. No joke. Next time you've skipped a few bathroom appointments...have some canned coconut milk. It will, no doubt, do the trick.

Anyway, we're on this Whole30 challenge thing, right? I get these moments that I want something sweet and for those of you that have done Whole30 you know that there's no such thing unless you want fruit...something we all should be eating instead of dessert anyway. But besides the fact, I was desperate to find something. And from past experiences, I knew that coconut milk was not my best match. With enough digging around in the kitchen, I came across this guy...

And happy to say, there was no issues thereafter. What a find!

To sum this up for you all....
*drink coconut milk if you need a natural laxative 
*eat a tablespoon or two of coconut butter while on the Whole30 challenge. 
It will buy you some time until you crave another sweet treat.

Hope it all works out for ya, whichever way you decide to take it all in!