Thursday, January 30, 2014

Somethings In Life Just Aren't Meant To Be

Things like preparing a blog post. Just not meant to be. 
And thank goodness it was only something little.

Nothing like sitting down, thinking about what to do for a daily blog post, and spilling cinnamon coconut flakes all over. EV-ERY-WHERE! A giant mess. And I didn't even know where
to start cleaning it all up, so I ate a few off my pants before having to throw them away. 
Honestly, it's exactly what I did.

I can still see bits and pieces in the computer keys and it won't surprise me if I find them in the couch three months from now. So rather than picking up any new tip on Whole30, a new recipe, some sort of workout, or anything I normally write get a blog post on how I ended up not blogging about any of the above. Let's just say, sometimes things in life are just not meant to be. 
Pick up the pieces (literally) and move on.

My life lesson...don't eat on the couch. Eat at a real freaking dinner table like all other humans do. 
It makes for an easier clean up!

Cheers to (still) learning simple life things at age 27!