Monday, January 27, 2014

The "Little Leftovers" Hat Sale

I've drowned myself in knitted hats and love them all! But what to do with the little amount leftover of each color? Make more little people hats!

We've loved all the support from those who have purchased hats, but it's time to do some clean up...
We are tired of looking at yarn all over our couch and piles of hat orders. 
So now is the time to take these little guys off our hands!

1) Cobalt blue. Size 0-6 months. $10
2) Beaver Babe. 1+ years old. $15
3) Natural Gray with hints of black and tan. 6mo+. $10.
4) Solid Gray, no pom pom. Can add mini pom pom like #5 if interested. Newborn. $10
5) Simple cream, coral pom pom (loosely tied, can take on and off as you so wish). 1+ years old. $10.
6) Pretty, Pretty, Purple. Newborn. $10.
7) Oatmeal. 0-6months+ (depending on head size). $10
8) Mini Beaver Babe. Can add pom pom to top or bottom corner. Newborn-6mo. $10
9) Mr. Green Guy. 0-6mo+. $10.

10) Oatmeal. 4/5 years+. $15

So here's the deal. We've got all these hats, we want each one to be sold ASAP. Like I said, take them off our hands. Actually, take them off our couch. Please. Free up some sitting areas for us. If you
live local, you are required to come get them from me. If you live elsewhere, shipping is $5.
Holler at this old knitting granny if you're interested before they're gone!

I'll be waiting patiently to hear from all you interested.