Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dexter Problems + A Whole30 Crave Buster

You know what's wrong with me? I've been watching too much Dexter. Seriously. I was running yesterday morning, jogged right by what seemed like a sweet man and nodded, and my first thought thereafter was that he probably had a knife and/or gun. As soon as I'd run by he'd get me! Awful thought and not even a legitimate thought whatsoever, but apparently that's what happens after far too many episodes of Dexter. Anybody else have that problem?

My other issue...I've been wondering if anybody has been watching/stalking me. It's creepy. I never even had those thoughts when I traveled to South Africa alone, like completely solo, never been out of the country, type alone. But here, give me a little Dexter in my life and all of a sudden I've got stalkers and people hunting me. Really dumb. I may take up self defense. And I'm not joking.

On the topic of Whole30 (not that we were even on that topic), I've been contemplating what it's like to give up. Like seriously, give in, give up, stop the challenge, forfeit, etc. You get the gist. And the only reason why...I just wanted some dark chocolate while I watched Dexter. That's it. I would've been satisfied with a square or two or 8. Any would've been just fine. Ty on the other hand, he wanted a large blizzard. I think that was stretching Whole30 a bit too time maybe he could come up with something a little closer to paleo like settling for some coconut ice cream instead. Maybe.

Don't get me wrong, this challenge has been great on all levels. Some of you probably wonder why deprive yourself of a blizzard. Or I guess, mainly my dad thinks we deprive ourselves. But because it's our nature to challenge ourselves we took the challenge and we don't give up. Although, part of me wishes I had a little bit of giving up in me. But because we don't, this is how we've solved our problem. And trust me, it's a wonderful substitution minus the cost.

However, I will pay that price every day to get those seeds out of the pomegranate if I had to.
Man, does it ever pay for itself. Costco two pack = 2 desserts. Buy 3 of the packs.
Trust us. They won't disappoint.