Friday, January 24, 2014

Whole30 Breakfast

Breakfast has been a time for us to get creative with all the different ways to serve eggs during this whole30 challenge. We decided from the get go that we didn't want to rely on the applesauce and almond butter and instead, limit the intake of both of those unless we're cooking with them. We were left to lots of eggs for breakfast and of course, leaving our strawberry egg "french toast" for special occasions.

One of our quick go-to breakfasts has been this lovely scramble...
not sure what I'd do without this or the fact that Ty makes breakfast every morning.
Probably A) starve and B) have to get up earlier to cook.

A quick dicing of an organic chicken apple sausage, chopped up mushrooms, add some
diced peppers if you so wish, cook them all together, add your 4-5 eggs (serving for 2 people) and 
top it with some slices of avocado. Bam, boom, bang. You're done. Eat up!

Have a happy day!

♡The Stanleys